California DMV Kiosk are Now Available

Aug 4, 17

California DMV Kiosk are Now Available

For years, many have dreaded the three letters DMV. Why? You ask, the long lines, crowded building, time spent, at the DMV for what seems like an eternity to complete a change of address, license renewal, or vehicle registration to name a few.

Not to mention there is a form for every single transaction, that have many drivers walk away with best penmanship award. Most of us put off our DMV visits until the very last moments or schedule a day off because we know the grueling details of what is to come. We bring along our favorite book, earplugs, and let us not forget our favorite snack.

The State of California DMV have long tried to figure out how they could become more efficient and maximize the taxpayers time while at the DMV. The DMV recognizes that there is no time like the present. Time is a gift.

Most of us drivers do not want to spend an entire day in the DMV to take care of related matters. We would much rather be on the beach spending time with our families. An innovative approach is in place to assist drivers with some registration renewal process.

The State of California offers DMV Now. DMV Now is a freestanding self-service terminal that guides you through vehicle registration using tough screen technology at local grocery store chains. DMW Now allows the driver the convenience of completing the registration at the kiosk without the hassle of waiting in line.

DMV Now is for drivers who need their vehicle registration card and license plate immediately. The touchscreen kiosk does provide the language options of English and Spanish. It takes less than two minutes to complete vehicle registrations at the kiosk. To complete the transaction the driver need their vehicle registration renewal notice that they received in the mail or their most recent vehicle registration card.

No need to worry about acceptable forms of payment, DMV Now conveniently accept multiple forms of payment at the kiosk.

Be sure that you understand what can renewed at the DMV Now:

· Autos

· Motorcycles

· Pickups

· Coach and Park model trailers

· Commercial vehicles that do not pay Commercial Vehicle Registration

We all want to avoid an unnecessary trip to the DMV. It is all about convenience now days. If it can be handed to us at our fingertips then that is the way we want it. Burger King says have it your way. Everyone wants things within hands reach. DMV Now kiosks are located throughout the Los Angeles area:

1. Albertsons

· Lancaster: 43543 20th Street West

· Palmdale: 38727 North Tierra Subida

· Saugus: 27631 West Bouquet Canyon Road

2. Superior Grocers

· Los Angeles: 10211 S. Avalon Blvd

· Cudahy: 7300 Atlantic Ave.

· Lynwood: 3831 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

3. Vons

· Canoga Park: 8201 Topanga Canyon Boulevard

· Northridge: 9119 Reseda Boulevard

· Reseda: 19333 Victory Boulevard

· Santa Clarita 16550 West Soledad Canyon Road

· Simi Valley: 1855 East Cochran Street

· Tarzana: 18439 Ventura Boulevard

In 2017, the State of California DMV plan to install 40 DMV Now kiosks. The DMV Now kiosks is to save time for residents.