Five Reasons Not to Drive Without Insurance in California

Mar 16, 17 by Jorian Goes

Five Reasons Not to Drive Without Insurance in California

While there are many ways to cut costs and save money, driving without insurance is a terrible choice for California drivers due to the penalties and fines.

Thinking about ways to cut costs and keep more money in your wallet? While there are many places you could consider cutting costs, driver’s insurance isn’t one we recommend. Especially in California a ticket for “no proof of insurance” comes with many penalties and long-term consequences. Here’s why:

Obviously, It’s Illegal

It’s very much against the law. According to California vehicle code 16028, when a peace officer requests it of you, “every person who drives a motor vehicle upon a highway shall provide evidence of financial responsibility for the vehicle that is in effect at the time the demand is made.

It Can Get Very Expensive

It can cost you on many levels, starting with your pocketbook. When you get pulled over or are in an accident and can’t provide proof of insurance, there are costs associated with that. The first one will cost you in ticket fines ranging from $100 on up, depending on whether or not it’s your first time or second, or third, and so on. Even if it’s your 1st ticket for no insurance, a $100 ticket with all the added fees can cost $300 to $500. If you get pulled over a 2nd time within three years, the ticket fine alone will range from $200-$500 before fees! In addition, your vehicle could be impounded, costing you towing fees, impound fees, and other administrative costs, and now you’re up into the $1000’s.

Points On Your License and Your Future

You will get points added to your driving record if found guilty. Depending on how the court decides to penalize you and your driving record, this can affect your ability to actually obtain driver’s insurance in the future. When you have tickets and points associated with your driving record, insurance companies see you as a higher risk, and therefore, may charge you more for premiums you’ll pay to obtain insurance. Now it becomes a long term financial burden that costs you so much more money long-term, because you tried to cut corners and got caught.

Even If You’re Not At Fault…

If you’re in an accident and fail to provide driver’s insurance, your license may be suspended for up to four years, even if the accident isn’t your fault. With all the latest talk of Driverless cars, California lawmakers seem to be having a hard time, faced with creating new laws for when these cars get into accidents. This Capital Public Radio article reports on who should be held liable for crashes involving self driving cars. We foresee that having proper auto insurance will only become more important and the laws more strict.

While we know that living in L.A., Hollywood, Malibu, and many other great cities in California can get incredibly expensive and you may need to find ways to cut back financially, we hope this provides some insightful information on why not getting driver’s insurance may be a detrimental decision in the long run. If you’ve been ticketed for driving without insurance in San Diego where we’re headquartered, or anywhere in California, our legal experts are happy to answer your questions on how to beat your traffic ticket.


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