Help Your Teen Driver Avoid Deadly Mistakes Behind the Wheel

Oct 31, 16 by Jorian Goes

Help Your Teen Driver Avoid Deadly Mistakes Behind the Wheel

Ticket Snipers wants to help you and your children, and keep them safe by sharing some of the best things you can do to influence your teen to make better driving decisions and avoid deadly mistakes.

Did you know that as a parent, you can have a direct impact on helping your teen slow down while driving, and help them avoid other common driving errors?

How you may be impacting your teens driving decisions:

Cell Phones

According to Tamra Johnson of AAA, a recent survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers aged 35-55 commonly report dangerous behaviors when behind the wheel. In fact, 77% of that same age range of drivers noted that they talk on their cell phones while driving, compared to 68% of teens reporting the same thing. Essentially, parents may be showing their teens poor driving habits by talking on the phone while driving and influencing their teen’s decision that it’s ok to do so.


When it comes to speed, 35-55 year old’s reported that they drive 15 mph over the speed limit on freeways. The difference in teens exhibiting this same behavior is only 1% less. Again, parents who fall in that age range and speed with their teens in the car are showing them poor driving decisions that they may, in turn, implement into their own driving habits.

Set A Good Example

Jennifer Ryan, Director of State Relations for AAA, shares some great wisdom for parents of teens saying, “Most teens are learning important driving skills from watching their parents and they are picking up bad behaviors along with the good ones. So it’s up to today’s parents to set a good example. It may end up saving their children’s lives.” In fact, according to AAA’s past research, when parents imposed stricter driving habits and limits for their teens, they had fewer crashes and traffic violations.

AAA shares their exact tips for helping to prepare your teen to drive safer and form better driving habits, increasing their chances of fewer violations and potentially saving their life:

  • Having conversations early and regularly about the dangers of speeding and distraction.
  • Taking the time to practice driving with their teens in varying conditions.
  • Adopting and enforcing a parent-teen driving agreement that sets family rules for the road.
  • Leading by example and minimizing distractions and speeding when they are driving.
  • AAA also recommends that teens preparing for the responsibility of driving should enroll in a driver education program that teaches how to avoid driver distraction and other safety skills. Resources to help parents choose a class and coach their teen through the learning-to drive process can be found on AAA’s award-winning website

At Ticket Snipers, we hope you’ll take part in coaching your teen on forming good driving habits, giving them their best chance behind the wheel to make good driving decisions. More information on parents’ roles and responsibilities in California and helping your teen driver stay safe can be found by visiting the State of California DMV website.