Famous California Celebrity Traffic Tickets

Dec 11, 17

Famous California Celebrity Traffic Tickets

Oops…. Caught Red-Handed

High profile celebrities are not exempt from becoming today’s top news. When it comes to traffic violations, celebrities often become the funniest meme or top visited viral video. Often times, if a celebrity was out of the spotlight for a while or choosing a break in their career, a headline involving an arrest makes them relevant once more. Each celebrity has his or her vices or maybe it is a situation of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am Famous but No Immunity

Traffic violations are common among licensed and non-licensed drivers.

It is no doubt that celebrities try to use their celebrity status to weasel their way out of a traffic ticket

While some police officers may receive some benefits of being a big fan, of the celebrity, that is violating the traffic law, other police officers play it strictly by the book, no matter who the person is and the citation is written.

Minor to Major… It still matters!

Parking tickets are nuisances to drivers who are caught violating the law. A person may assume that they have enough time to run into a building, only to return, and find a parking ticket placed on their vehicle. Going to the gym and staying in the gym takes commitment. Minka Kelly received a parking ticket for working out too long.

The paparazzi do not miss a beat when they photographed Melanie Griffith caught in the act of trying to hide a parking violation she received while being parked on the street. A new mom’s time is very limited and her attention is demanded by the new arrival. As in Olivia Wilde case she also received a parking ticket coming back from a grocery store run.

In the State of California, driving while in the use of a cell phone device is illegal. According to CVC 23123, CVC 23124, CVC 23125 a driver may not use a cell phone during the operation of a vehicle unless the car is designed and configured to permit hands free talking and listening while driving. Punishment for violating these laws is punishable with a fine of $20 on the first offense and $50 dollars for every other offense thereafter.

Clearly, in this case supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was busted talking on her cell phone while driving. Then you have actors that are bold, and are not the least bit intimidated by a cop. These persons choose to talk or text on their phone while being right next to the cops at times. Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Kris Jenner, Miley Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan all could not keep the cell phones out of the hands and cited for driving while on their cell phones. What is even more fascinating is that the David Beckham was texting while on a motorcycle! That takes some skills.

Every now and then, one has the need for speed. Even with posted speed limits, celebrities love pressing the pedal to the metal. Whatever the case may be let us take a trip down memory lane at some of the most unforgettable famous celebrity traffic tickets that made headlines for speeding.

  • Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian half-sister, who was a baby on the street at time, driving in her new Mercedes-Benz G-class, with newly issued licenses was pulled over for speeding.
  • Wait, speeding occurs in the family. Kim Kardashian’s reason to police for speeding was to evade paparazzi. Ironically, paparazzi received a citation for non-emergency stop on the freeway while being parking in front of Kim Kardashian to capture the stop.
  • Justin Bieber stole all the hearts of young teenage girls; however, he did not win over the cops when he was cited in 2012 for speeding upwards on the streets of Los Angeles at 100mph. He was then cited again in 2013 for street racing.
  • We all love food! In the case of one of television popular chefs, Gordon Ramsay was fined almost $500 for speeding on the streets of Cornwall. England.
  • Chris Brown has a fascination and thrill for fast cars. Back in 2013, he was cited for going 60 mph in a 35 mph speed zone in Beverly Hills.
  • Talking about wrong place at the wrong time, Public Enemy’s hype man, Flavor Flav was pulled over for speeding on the way to his mother’s funeral. Police found marijuana and also determined that Flavor Flav license has 16 suspensions. He was arrested on the spot.
  • Ben Affleck, who played Batman, tried to use his fame from the role to get out of a speeding ticket in Santa Monica. Maybe he will have better luck next time.

We have to remember that celebrities are not perfect people. They are human just like the remainder of people in the world. They have the same responsibilities and consequences as any other driver.