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We’ve dismissed over 25,000 traffic tickets for California drivers


“Our mission in founding this company was to help your everyday man or woman with the only legal issue they will likely encounter (traffic citation) and ensure that a small mistake or misunderstanding does not land them in a precarious situation.”


Our Local California Team is Ready to Take Action

We grew up and live in the Golden State where it’s magical beaches, awesome weather and plethora of outdoor activities always keep us coming back for more. One thing that used to keep us up at night was worrying about the high price of traffic tickets and how we could help others drivers in a similar situation. That’s when we created Ticket Snipers.

Since 2008 our team has been consistently growing and learning new methods on how to best serve the state of California and all of its traffic ticket needs.

Experienced case development team members are available to guide you through the process, answer questions, provide clarification and act as a reassuring voice while successfully navigating the legal system.

Our team is composed of attorneys and legal experts that specialize in California traffic law. Their dedication to law and understanding clients’ individual situations allows them to procure the best defense tactics to dismiss your citation.

Company Leadership

Harness the Power of Law

Using the latest state-of-the-art systems allows us to serve our clients at a higher and more effective level.

Technology is at the core of our company.

We have changed the way traffic tickets are contested by modernizing the court process to improve efficiency and overall user experience.

Agents are trained to quickly respond to text & LiveChat messages, emails, and provide excellent over-the-phone customer service.

All members of our team are cross-trained and able to assist throughout the dismissal process.

The Name

Ticket Snipers is a latin derived term meaning, “To Eliminate a Problem.”

Formulating unique solutions is a core value of our team and members strive to provide first class customer service with outstanding results. Our focus is to execute at the highest levels and bring out the best in each other to solve a plethora of needs for our clients.

The History

Founded by a group of California Drivers, Ticket Snipers works diligently to offer the best legal avenues available to contest any unjustified traffic ticket issued in California.

We serve clients throughout the entire of the state of California, located from our headquarters in San Diego. Working with a variety of industry professionals, our traffic ticket aficionados provide unmatched effort to achieve the highest success rates possible in the industry.

The Philosophy

Every client is unique and needs to receive special consideration depending on the task at hand. Ticket Snipers strives to be laser focused on each case while providing first class customer service with outstanding results.

We believe that authentic relationship, both between our legal team and clients results in an elevated level of success. Trust, openness, honesty and a desire to deliver a more effective solution than any of our competitors is what allows us to always stay a step ahead and lead the industry.

Ticket Snipers was created for all California drivers. We understand the impact these cases have on our client’s lives and how important avoiding time away from work to sit in a courtroom/attend traffic school can be. 

Beyond challenging citations, we have also expanded into a resource for Californians and visitors alike. Educating the public on traffic laws and their impact while providing resources, education and leadership is the best way to ensure safer roadways for everyone.

We’re Ready to Beat Your Ticket

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