Ticket Snipers

Employment Opportunities

Jobs with Ticket Snipers are Fulfilling, Fun & Rewarding 

Work with California’s Most Efficient & Effective Legal Group

Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal or law student, a career at Ticket Snipers is not just another job! We offer a professional legal environment, intellectually challenging and engaging.

Duties include research in multiple traffic disciplines, we offer competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for training and career development in an open, progressive culture that supports our staff in every way possible.

Dismissing cases throughout the state of California, we marshal our strength in numbers and geographic location to craft a professional atmosphere that is deeply rooted in mutual respect.

We consistently strive to employ the best staff in the industry

Ticket Snipers provides the best possible service along with a state-of-the-art work environment, we have effectively utilized our resources to deliver exceptional results benefitting both clients and employees that we serve.

We are pleased that you are considering a career at Ticket Snipers. If you join us, you’ll become part of a team that values integrity, leadership, teamwork, quality, community and superior client customer service.

Looking For An Internship?

Our team brings years of experience to the table. We welcome both student and non-student interns to work with the Ticket Snipers team to sharpen their skills.

Ticket Snipers offers internships concentrating in the following fields:

  • Sales
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Client Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Web Design & Development
  • Event Coordination
  • Much More

When completed, internships lead to either a full time job with Ticket Snipers, references to other jobs in one’s desired industry, & even acquire some highly sought after seal team skills.

Interested in applying?

Send us a email with a copy of your resume and motivation for obtaining the position.