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Ticket Snipers

Robert Durham
Robert DurhamProfessional Truck Driver - Bakersfield, CA
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Ticket Snipers helped save my license from suspension. I drive for a living and my license is my livelihood.

They offered a free ticket review before taking on the case to make sure it was a good fit for both of us. I spoke with the agents multiple times, each one knew about my case and helped each step of the way.

I recommended all professional drivers use this service to keep points off their driving records while staying on the road without having to attend court multiple times.
Connie Ngo
Connie NgoNurse - Los Angeles, CA
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So glad I chose to contest my speeding ticket with Ticket Snipers. The team worked closely to answer all my initial questions and swiftly composed my legal defense to contest via written trial.

Their attention to detail and overall care made me feel very confident I was in good hands. After explaining my side of the story in detail to their staff we moved forward with the trial process.

I received a dismissed letter a couple of months later letting me know the case had been removed and completely erased from my permanent driving record.

It was like magic, thank you again Ticket Snipers!
Sushma Sadula
Sushma SadulaFamily Medicine Physician
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Received my first speeding ticket and was very upset. My friends told me there was nothing I could do about it and to pay the citation.

Luckily I found Ticket Snipers online and used their service. It was helpful to fill out the questionnaire on the day of the event so everything was fresh on my mind.

I’m so happy with their service. They got my ticket dismissed, removed from my record, no traffic school, and my fine was refunded.

Best outcome I could have hoped for in this case.
Michael Naimo
Michael NaimoSchool Teacher - San Jose, CA
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I have an excellent track record & always do my absolute best to follow all safety rules & regulations. After receiving a basic cell phone violation, I was upset because my phone always engages the bluetooth option when entering the vehicle.

Most people immediately pay the citation & move on, thinking that they are automatically 'guilty'. I decided for once in my life I would fight back for my rights and I was elated with the results.

Ticket Snipers kept my insurance rates low and points off my permanent driving record.
James Somer
James SomerBusiness Executive - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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While on business in California, I received a very questionable traffic citation for speeding while driving with the flow of traffic. Living in FL, I am not familiar with the CA legal system or its processes, nor do I have the time to deal with the inconvenience.

Ticket Snipers extensive knowledge of the Superior Court of California and their professionally prepared defense on my behalf was extremely instrumental in getting my case quickly dismissed in the interest of justice.

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