All That You Need To Know About Red Light Camera Violations in California

May 22, 18 by Ticket Snipers

All That You Need To Know About Red Light Camera Violations in California

You can avoid unnecessary complications by adhering to traffic rules. Suppose, you end up violating the red light camera ticket in California as a result of your busy schedule what action are you supposed to take?

Before the situation that you find yourself in gets out of hand, it is always good to know the repercussions that you are likely to face. It is easier to nab lawbreakers now there are many cameras in California.

Traffic officers have installed red light cameras in various street intersections. The police officers do not need to be present in all the locations with the red light cameras, and they can easily give tickets to the lawbreakers with the use of the cameras. The primary aim of using these red lights is to reduce the number of casualties and deaths that are caused by drivers who run the red lights and reduce the number of reckless drivers on the road.

Is It Possible To Beat An Alleged Red Light Camera Violation?

When you receive a red light camera ticket, first, you should confirm the date the violation occurred and then check the date the ticket when it was signed. In the state of California, rules state that the ticket must be brought to the registered owner of the car within fifteen days of the unproven violation. The ticket is usually mailed the same day it is signed, and it takes one or two days to reach the registered owner of the vehicle.

You can easily beat your ticket if the duration exceeds fifteen days because the notice fails to comply with the California Vehicle Code requirements. This rule applies only to registered owners. If you get the ticket notice after fifteen days and you are not the registered owner, the registered owner will have revealed your identity. Therefore, you will not be successful if you use this as your argument.

It is important to read the mail carefully after you get the ticket. Some court information may be missing, or you will be instructed not to contact the court.

What Are The Consequences Of Ignoring Real Red Light Camera Tickets?

Responding to your ticket on time is always recommended. Some consequences for those who do not respond to a red light camera ticket include license suspension and additional fines. These tickets contain the date that you are supposed to respond and the name of the court. You can confirm the ticket by looking it up in the court case lookup system. When looking it up, you should keep in mind that some tickets have not yet been filled with the court.

Make sure you follow the instructions provided and respond to it on the appearance date or due date that is indicated on your ticket.

Are You Worried About Photo And Video Evidence?

In court, you can argue that the videos and photographs made from the red light camera cannot be trusted because they are prepared for by a third party company. The documents that are prepared can be biased and untrustworthy because the individuals who prepare them know that there is an impending court action, and they can frame the video or the photographs so that they can use them as leverage in the day of the hearing.

You can object to use video and photographs as evidence. The photos should not be trusted completely. California vehicle code requires the government agency utilizing the red light camera system to post signs within two hundred feet of the intersection. If the notice signs are not within 200 feet of the intersection, you can argue that the notice about the use of the red light camera was not adequate.

The sign must be posted, and it should be in line with the regulations that are provided by the Department of Transportation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The requirements include legibility and adequate visibility. The sign should be legible to those whom it aims to address, and the drivers should easily locate it. If the sign fails to follow the above-mentioned requirements, it will not be considered to provide adequate notice, and therefore your case will be dismissed.

Do I Need Help To Fight A Red Light Camera Ticket?

If you are planning to fight a red light camera ticket, a expert will come in handy. A legal expert would know how to challenge the ticket if you were not the one driving the vehicle at that time. The judge may ask you to disclose the identity of the person in the video or photograph, but this is not a legal requirement. A legal expert would know what your rights are and should guide you through the court proceedings so that your red light camera ticket can be dismissed.