California Red Light Camera Yellow Light Intervals Shorten

Jun 9, 17 by Ticket Snipers

California Red Light Camera Yellow Light Intervals Shorten

California Red Light Camera Yellow Light Intervals

Nothing says element of surprise, like going to the mailbox, and finding a ticket from the California Department of Motor Vehicle for a red light violation. Red light cameras are a hot topic of debate. Many would argue that red light cameras are a money trap. Others would say that red light cameras save lives. The validity of red light cameras is up in the air.

Red light cameras are in place throughout some of our busiest cities in California such as Fremont. In 2015, yellow light times increased from 4.0 seconds to 4.7 seconds, lower than what the state law required in 2015. Then in February of 2016, yellow light times reduced back to 4.0 seconds, only to have yellow light times return to 4.7 seconds in November 2016. The unintentional shortening of yellow times at intersections help create an extra $200,000 in revenue every month in suburbs around Fremont by the city’s private ticketing vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems. The effect of yellow light timing changes on red light camera tickets are due to increases of the $500 violation.

Although a quarterly inspection is in place for police officers and public works staff to monitor signal timing at the red light camera intersections, the increase managed to go undetected for eight months. An investigation behind the yellow light times would ensue pointing that several key factors such as navigation apps, traffic growth, rebound effect, and seasonal variations contribute to roller coaster spikes in red light tickets. The yellow-light timing deemed to be correct, above, and beyond the minimum standard at 4.7 seconds changed yet again back to 4.0 seconds, even with a current low level of red light violations.

Many scream corruption with dropping the yellow light timing as it expects to produce an additional $2.4 million in revenue that plays an important factor in budget plans. Fremont employees rank as highest paid in the nation. The contractual relationship between Fremont and Redflex expires at the end of June.

What is the Red Light violation?

  • In the U.S. when a vehicle passed an intersection and a signal turns red, a violation does not take place. However, if a vehicle enters the intersection and the light is red, a violation occurs.
  • What is the penalty for a Red Light violation?
  • The penalty for a red light violation can add up to $500 dollars and one point against a driver’s license.

How to avoid a Red Light violation?

  • Prepare for a driver by leaving on time.
  • When a sign is present, do not get tempted.
  • Even if a driver following ahead makes an irrational decision, do not follow.
  • Always travel at the required, posted speed limits.
  • Do not rubberneck another vehicle.
  • If a driver decides to change lanes, do so prior to coming to an intersection.
  • Pay attention at all times
  • Reduce speed and make plans to stop before coming to an intersection.

Seasoned drivers have witnessed a terrible accident that occurred at an intersection that could’ve easily been avoided. Every second counts and making the right choice to drive safely definitely determines saving a live or receiving a ticket. Keep in mind at an intersection that drivers are approaching from all three roads opposite of you.

A driver cannot predict nor expect another driver’s behavior or patterns. It is best to make the right choice and choose wisely by slowing down and stopping. In the event that a driver’s is taking medications that could impair or delay, a driver’s reaction time should consider a designated driver to drive. Do not be naïve to think that you can make it not accounting for the other driver’s decision or the camera at the intersection. History has progressed from officers being at intersections with a laser speed gun or a handheld radar. It decreases the amount of work force, resources, and lost hours.

On the other hand, the presence of extended yellow times resulted in an immediate drop in red light violations. Nevertheless, that does not come with effective management of yellow times. Continuous efforts in monitoring extended yellow times are imperative in successful red light programs. Regular scheduled maintenance would identify any discrepancies in yellow light timing.

From an engineering standpoint, the city has to employ proper persons to oversight the red light camera programs. In addition, effective management of monies collected in the red light programs can go towards providing a solution based effort into road issues. Money generated from red light programs is beneficial; however, it is the allocation of where monies is spent is what is important to the needs of the city. If you have received a red light traffic violation while driving a vehicle, we want to assist you in removing this violation from your record. Visit the traffic ticket experts to see how we can assist you with your traffic needs.