California Senate Bill 1 Looks to Improve Roadways

Sep 1, 17 by Jorian Goes

California Senate Bill 1 Looks to Improve Roadways

Summer creates an anticipation of barbecues, parties, family gatherings, extended getaways, beaches, boardwalks, the fair, and nothing says summer like ice cream with whipped cream. California roads are difficult to navigate. If a driver is unfamiliar with the roads or the driving system a driver can easily become confused. A driver’s summer itinerary potentially filled to the max can be interrupted by California traffic. During the summer, unforeseeable actions such as accidents, a disabled car, or unexpected road delays will disrupt plans that are going according to a schedule.

Senate Bill 1 passed early this year that essentially became a law, effective later this year in November. The purpose of the SB 1 is driven at fixing roadways by increasing tax and adding new fees; such as new vehicle registration and gas taxes.

At the top of the list to undergo roadway makeover are the repaving projects this summer. The thirteen scheduled projects for repaving begin this summer with a projected fifty more projects to roll out by the spring, combined totaling $285 in improvements. Focus and priority is placed on highways first then directed to local streets and road projects.

Driving during construction can cause even the most skilled driver anxiety or intimidation when driving in unknown conditions. Most accidents occur during construction, because drivers are not attentive to their surroundings or they travel too fast for conditions. Road workers are our 1st guide to safety in construction zones. Always be on the look for their bright colored clothing or signs for directions. SB 1 is effective and projects on California roads have begun so drivers should be aware. Here is a refresher of tips on driving in construction areas. Remember the vital three “S”’s in construction driving: stress, space, and speed.

A clear and conscious mind is better than one with many distractions. If a driver is approaching a work zone, it is best practices to turn the radio down as well as to have the cell phone out of reach. Drivers should remain focused on the road and not on other drivers on the road or highway around them. Also remember, never to take the time to site see at the construction going on around while you pass through the site. Always remain calm; never get irritated at the road work, or construction going on. It is only short-term. The long-term benefits are that the roads and/or highway will be in better conditions for everyone to drive. When and if at all possible, install the California Department of Transportation app. Check the DOT app ahead of time to verify road closures, alternate routes, and detours for construction zones. Finally, but not least, as drivers and in preparation, we should always allow ourselves ample time to arrive to our destination by planning ahead and leaving a little bit earlier.

In life we are told we cannot please them all, SB 1 is received by large corporations who will profits from sales and unwelcome by Californians who are not happy with the increased gas taxes. The positive aspect that comes from the endeavor is the employment opportunities, road condition improvements, and accountability. Restoration of hope in a manner of economic growth provides some type of reassurance of moving in the right direction no matter the speed.