Do California Drivers Have to Worry About Tickets While Out of State?

Jul 14, 16 by Ticket Snipers

Do California Drivers Have to Worry About Tickets While Out of State?

An all too common belief I hear from drivers is that out-of-state drivers need not worry about a ticket they get while they are in another state (or at least it’s less of a concern than for in-state drivers), and I have to say that it’s a tiresome belief. Indeed, if you live in Ohio and get a ticket while visiting California (or vice versa), that ticket will absolutely chase you down. In fact, not only will you end up having to face the music paying that ticket, you could get in trouble with your automobile insurance provider and your home state as well.

Ordinances in Place to Follow you Home

In order to deal with drivers who get a ticket while out of state and simply return home with no intention of paying, 44 states (as well as Washington D.C.) agreed to the Driver License Compact (DLC), which enables the states to distribute and share between one another traffic violations and license suspensions by out-of-state drivers. Aside from these 44 states, the states that do not agree to it still make an effort to ensure that people from out of state do not get tickets in their state and return home without any repercussions.

Another agreement the states have made between one another is the Nonresident Violator Compact (NVC). The NVC allows a state to notify the home state of an out-of-state driver of non-payment for a ticket, which would then allow their home state to begin work on suspending the offender’s license if they so choose.

The third thing by which you may find yourself victimized is the National Driver Register (NDS). The NDS system is more a long-term system that intends to keep a record of drivers who either have a history of major traffic violations and/or who have had their license at one point or another denied, suspended, revoked, or outright canceled. This can result in a lot of roadblocks and red tape for drivers on this list to get a new license, ensuring that the ticket you thought you could beat would stick with you for the long haul.

How to deal with such a situation

Out-of-state drivers sometimes have a more difficult time dealing with their tickets than an in-state driver normally would. This is due in large part to the fact that they are often not there for long enough to deal with the issue personally, and as such a driver will either pay the fine on the ticket (regardless of whether they feel that it can be avoided with enough effort) or they skip out on paying the ticket (an action that typically proves rather costly for them).

Given the number of people who may find themselves falling into this situation, it is inevitable that there would be people who recognized the needs of these drivers. That’s why we’ve created Ticket Snipers, to give drivers an option to successfully challenge their traffic tickets regardless of where you live.

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