Do Los Angeles Police Officers Have Quotas?

Sep 19, 16 by Ticket Snipers

Do Los Angeles Police Officers Have Quotas?

Ticket Snipers addresses a very common myth about traffic ticket quotas. Cruising through the streets of Los Angeles, the question may cross your mind: do cops have quotas? Is there a certain amount of tickets that California officers have to dish out in order to “keep their job?”

Regardless of the rumors, ticket quotas are a myth. (Phew!) In fact, they’re illegal in most states, including California. Just ask former officer, Dan Gregg, who took the department to court for denying him a promotion and other benefits because he refused to participate in the illegal ticket quota. He won the case, and was compensated $950,000. (Way to go, justice.)

Now, some stations may give “quotas” a different name, such as “performance standard minimums.” Even so, these standards are either extremely low or nonexistent. Many stations will require a certain amount of citizen contacts, but this doesn’t have to end with a citation. The department wants to see the officers engaged with the community, but that may include:

● A traffic stop

● Assisting a stranded motorist

● Talking with a hitchhiker or suspicious person

● Attending to a traffic accident, etc.

Some of the busier stations have no minimums at all. Their officers stay plenty busy keeping the peace and patrolling the streets. It depends on the department and the demand of the city. For the most part, this kind of high pressure culture is frowned upon, and many officers will report it when they see it. (Think about it: do you like to be micromanaged at your job? Most officers feel the same.)

Bottom line: ticket quotas are illegal in most states. You don’t have to worry about “being more likely to get a ticket at the end of the month” because of some required minimum. Drive safely, be respectful on the road, and rest easy knowing there aren’t any quotas working against you.