Do Not Panic When a Police Officer Pulls You Over

Feb 3, 15 by Jorian Goes

Do Not Panic When a Police Officer Pulls You Over

There are probably very few of us who have not experienced that surge of panic when we see blue lights flashing behind our car. It is understandable that being pulled over causes anxiety and stress as well as frustration and embarrassment. Unfortunately, it is probably going to happen to all of us who are out and about on our roads and highways. At some point, we are all destined to be pulled over for a slight traffic infraction. In some cases, you may not even know why the police officer is pulling you over. The key is to remain calm.

Tips for Dealing with a Traffic Stop

When you see blue lights come on behind you, you need to being preparing to pull over safely. Slow down and indicate that you are pulling over by using your turn signal. This will let the police officer know that you are aware of his intention to pull you over and you are preparing to pull over at the first safe opportunity. If possible, turn into a parking lot or other large area to allow the officer to pull in behind you and safely exit his vehicle. Because you may also be required to exit the vehicle, you want to ensure there is enough room to do so safely without danger from oncoming traffic. If there is no other option, pull over on the shoulder of the road at the first opportunity you have.

When you pull over, do not exit your vehicle. It may take several minutes for the officer to exit his vehicle and come to your window but you should not exit your vehicle unless instructed to by the police officer. Use the time to take out your proof of automobile insurance and your driver’s license. As the officer approaches your vehicle, keep your hands on the steering wheel and avoid making any sudden movements. While you know that you are not a threat, an officer must always be careful when approaching a vehicle; therefore, sudden movements by you may alarm the officer.

When the officer arrives at your window, he will request your identification and probably tell you why he has pulled you over. The officer may then return to his vehicle with your identification to run a check or write the ticket. During this time, remain in your vehicle and wait patiently for the officer to return. When the officer returns, be respectful and answer questions the officer may have but do not offer any additional information.

Being pulled over is never a good experience; however, it does not have to be a terrible ordeal. Remain calm and be respectful to end the situation as quickly as possible then contact Ticket Snipers® to help you fight the traffic ticket.

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