Effect of Out-of State California Traffic Tickets on California Driving Records

Jun 23, 15 by Ticket Snipers

Effect of Out-of State California Traffic Tickets on California Driving Records

If you get a traffic ticket in another state, does that have any effect on your driving record in California? In most instances it will under the Driver’s License Compact or DLC, an agreement among 45 states to share information regarding license suspensions and moving violations of non-residents. Georgia, Kentucky, North Dakota, Maine and Wisconsin are not part of the compact. This presumably means that any ticket you get is not automatically reported to your state of residence.

A California Traffic Ticket(s) Will Cause Points on Your DMV Record

The California DMV will assess a point against you for a moving violation, though more serious ones such as DUI and reckless driving are 2 points. Any speeding ticket received in New York, regardless if it one mile an hour over the limit, will result in a point on your California driving record. If you have to appear in court or wish to contest the ticket, you will have to do so or hire a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you and challenge it if you wish.

Your failure to appear will be submitted to the California DMV, which will probably suspend your driving privileges. Another state will not suspend your California driver’s license if you get a DUI or a reckless driving conviction, for example, as it has no jurisdiction to do so. But it can suspend your privilege to drive in that state and a traffic officer in that state will arrest you if you are caught. Driving is a privilege and not a right.

California Traffic Tickets report Nationwide

Some states will not assess points for out-of-state violations, unlike California. You should check the Driver’s License Compact to see if your state will do so.

This is apparently not part of Article IV or the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution in which states must recognize the laws and records of other states. Of course, any points assessed will ultimately be discovered by your insurance company at some point unless the ticket was obtained on one of the five states that have yet to become part of the DLC. You might consider having a traffic ticket lawyer in the jurisdiction where you were issued the ticket represent you and attempt to get the ticket dismissed or plea bargained down. This may be especially relevant if you are a multiple traffic offender.