Hassle-Free Dismissal of Red Light Camera Violation Made Possible

Feb 2, 13 by Ticket Snipers

Hassle-Free Dismissal of Red Light Camera Violation Made Possible

Getting a ticket for traffic violation in California will often mean having to go through a rather expensive and time-consuming process. In most cases, violators have to physically appear in court to defend their ticket and pay court fees – not to mention also settle the insurance charges incurred. Depending on the traffic violation, people may also be required to attend traffic school prior to being cleared.

Contrary to popular belief, holders of red light camera or speeding tickets do not have to pay the fine and all the additional insurance expenses that come along with the ticket. Instead, violators can turn to California traffic court’s Trial by Written Declaration, which entails no court appearances, no traffic school, no court fees, and therefore, no wasted time.

Ticket Snipers is a legal team of traffic violation specialists who can assist clients who want to snipe their CA traffic ticket without having to spare too much of their valuable time and money. Ticket Snipers has helped every type of driver fight their traffic tickets by completing the Trial by Written Declaration option.

Explaining how to get started, TicketSnipers.com notes that the process entails mailing in the violator’s statement to the superior court, during which the judge requests a statement from the officer, reviews the case, and mails the verdict. The Ticket Snipers team assists in coming up with the proper documentation and in formulating a proper traffic ticket defense portfolio for the case. The experts will also help with all court dates and transactions associated with the dismissal.

Notably, TicketSnipers.com will gather the important details of the case and conduct the necessary field tests. The defense experts will then prepare a custom, comprehensive, written legal defense to be submitted to the courts. In assisting clients, TicketSnipers.com proves how it works effectively by getting cases dismissed – all for a fee of $179.00 per violation, along with an iron-clad money back guarantee.

Moreover, TicketSnipers.com also offers the lowest fee in California, as the team believes in providing “legal access for all.’

About Ticket Snipers®:
Ticket Snipers is California’s premier traffic ticket resource, offering a comprehensive self-help legal solution in helping drivers contest traffic tickets through the mail. A performance-based law group, Ticket Snipers charges clients only if the case is won.