How to Eliminate a Traffic Ticket in California for No Insurance

Feb 12, 15 by Jorian Goes

How to Eliminate a Traffic Ticket in California for No Insurance

How to Eliminate a Traffic Ticket in California for No Insurance - this blog was written by, if you receive a Traffic Ticket You Need to Hire a Sniper, a Ticket Sniper!

The State of California requires every driver and every owner of a motor vehicle to be in possession of proof of financial responsibility (insurance) at all times regardless of the ownership of the vehicle.

So what happens if you couldn’t find your insurance card at the time the officer stopped you or if there was a lapse in your insurance coverage and you didn’t get insurance until after you were ticketed?

Many California courts offer remedies for these types of situations and you can usually avoid making a personal appearance in court so long as you have proof of insurance covering the date you received the alleged violation. If you do, you can mail in a copy of your insurance card along with the fee ($25.00) to the court.

Other acceptable proofs of insurance may include:

1. The name of the insurance company or surety company and the number of the insurance policy or surety bond
2. The certificate or deposit number issued by the DMV (if the owner of the vehicle is self – insured)
3. An insurance covering note (Covering notes may be issued to bind insurance temporarily for a period of about 90 days, pending the issuance of the policy)
4. Proof the vehicle is owned or leased by the government

If you did not have any insurance at the time you were stopped you will most likely have to make a personal appearance in court and you must bring proof that you now have insurance. The court may still offer you a reduced fine since you have proof of current insurance. If you do not appear in court and attempt to try and send in proof of current insurance (not covering the date of the ticket) you will have to send in the entire fine amount ($700.00+).

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