Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates in California - Expert Tips

May 10, 17 by Jorian Goes

Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates in California - Expert Tips

“How do I find the cheapest auto insurance rates in California?” “What’s the best way to compare car insurance?” If you’re looking to save money, reducing your car insurance premium will make a huge difference. We know that many drivers in California assume it’s difficult and tedious to do, but slashing the cost of your car insurance only takes a few hours of work, is much easier than you think, and definitely worth your time. Here are Ticket Snipers’ recommended tips to reduce your insurance premiums this spring of 2017.

Know Your Current Coverage and Costs

This seems like a basic tip, but many of us assume what coverage we currently have and how much we pay. These two pieces of information factor into your decision on how much you would like to pay. It’s hard to negotiate a lower premium if you don’t know the finer details of your current situation.

Call your insurance company or visit their website to find your current coverage and costs. Then decide how much you would rather pay.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

You may not need the defensive driving course, however if you take one it can result in lower insurance premiums. Contact your current insurance company and see if they offer a discount if you successfully complete a safe driving course at an accredited institution.

If interested in taking a course, check out California’s DMV page listing all available schools.

Park in Your Garage

Another secret way to get a lower premium is to ask your insurer if they offer a discount to people that park their car in a garage. Garage-parked cars are less prone to theft or accidents, and insurance companies like this option. Let them know you park in a garage and hopefully a nice discount can be added.

Consider Higher Deductibles

A deductible is the amount you are willing to pay in the event of a claim. Typically, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium rate. Figure out what you can afford if you are in an accident, then hunt for deductibles that match your budget.

Time to Shop - Call Other Insurers!

Now that you know your current coverage and costs and if your current insurer is willing to throw in additional discounts, it’s time to collect insurance quotes…and let the bidding for your business begin! We suggest calling each insurance company. The websites are built to provide quick transactions and sometimes hide hidden discounts. If you speak to a rep, you can turn on the charm and negotiate closer to the price you are looking for!

Tell the other insurance companies your current situation and what your current insurer is willing to do for you. If they want your business they will find discounts to convince you to say yes. No matter how desirable is their offer, don’t commit until you compare all your quotes side by side.

Pick Your New Insurer

Your situation is unique, and your insurance coverage should reflect that. Choose the coverage that best fits your needs and enjoy knowing you just saved a little bit of cash along with a piece of mind. To learn more about auto insurance, visit California’s insurance FAQ page here. If you get a ticket there is a good chance your insurance rate will increase. To avoid this hike, give us a call. We’ll erase your ticket and points on your license.