Most expensive traffic tickets in California

Jan 16, 18 by Jorian Goes

Most expensive traffic tickets in California


Let’s face it traffic tickets in California are outrageiously priced. The fee’s are more than most peoples rent in other parts of the country. Traffic tickets are a secondary tax the state imposes to help keep their budget afloat. When you receive a traffic ticket in California the fine amount isn’t even listed on the citation, you have to wait 4-6 weeks until a courtesy notices arrives to be informed of the “kings ransom” that is being demanded.


Traffic tickets are often a byproduct of bad driving habits. Bad driving habits can usually be corrected by education and accountability. Breaking a bad habit requires consistent, repetitive, conscious awareness of one’s actions. If the driver is a person who easily becomes distracted, it is good idea to eliminate anything that could divert the drivers attention away from the roadway. Cell phones are the #1 culprit of distractive driving and should be put away at all times with driving.

Do not use a cellular device unless in emergency purposes

Also, make sure that all items such as papers, change, or other gadgets are secure and do not provide a reason to become distracted. Another common bad driving habit is speeding. If a driver is heavy on the pedal, they should make an effort to drive at the posted speed limit.

Speeding isn’t the only issue while driving. Preparing for red lights with caution and at safe speeds before approaching the intersection is beneficially for everyone. Do not make a turn without communicating your actions first. Using a turn signal at all times informs the other drivers of your actions and is the best way to avoid any negative consequences. The best way to correct bad habits is by not assuming what other drivers are going to do, wait be patience and drive defensively at all times.

Think twice, it’s going to cost you!!!

In California, traffic violations bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the government each year. Traffic fines vary depending if a driver is a first time offender, has prior convictions, in a construction zone, school zone, or in a commercial vehicle.

It is also good for a driver to keep in mind that additional penalties increase fine amounts, if a ticket issued previously is not paid in a timely manner. There are several violations that a Californian driver may receive. However, infractions are the most common. An infraction is a violation that is punishable by a fine, not jail, like misdemeanors.

California highways can be difficult to navigate at times due to overcrowding, congestion, newly developed construction, and poor driving habits. A driver with poor driving habits mentioned earlier may be subjected to one of California’s most common expensive traffic tickets listed here:

  • Showing no evidence of financial responsibility CVC 16028, speeding over 100 mph CVC 22348, parking in undesignated locations CVC 22500, will start from $900 to about $1105 with a two-point violation.
  • If a driver makes the mistake of passing a school bus, CVC 22454 when warning red lights are flashing, cautioning them to stop, they will receive a $695 fine.
  • CVC 21453 otherwise known as red light tickets are highly protested but very costly. Drivers can anticipate a fine of $490; however, a violator that has moved and missed the opportunity to pay the ticket will receive an additional $300 civil penalty.
  • A driver’s responsibility is to ensure children safety. No matter how short of a distance the drive is, a child must be buckled up at all times; this applies for ages 8 to 16. If a driver skips CVC 27360 either section (a) or (b), safe measures, they can look forward to a fine starting at $490 and acquiring a one-point violation.
  • Speeding tickets CVC 22349 and CVC 22350 are the most common violation among drivers in California. Speeding tickets vary and are higher for those who are in excess of speeds of 26 miles per hour at the time of the offense. Fines for speeding start at about $490 and come with a point on your driving record.
  • Patience is a virtue that everyone should practice but unfortunately everyone does not have. Do not make the mistake of traveling in an authorized carpool lane and receive a violation for CVC 21655.5. This violation carries a fine starting at $490 and a one-point violation.
  • Emergency vehicles operate to respond quickly to life threatening situations that jeopardize our chance of living. Drivers that do not yield to an emergency vehicle, CVC 21806, can look forward to a fine starting at $490 with a one point violation. This violation also applies to pedestrian, the difference is there is no one point violation because the offender is on foot.

California drivers’ best solution to avoiding these costly fines is to stay alert. A driver should get in the habit of driving smart and driving safely on the roadway at all times. Driving defensibly along with good driving habits makes a huge difference and it will keep your driving record clean.