Out-of-State Registration

Jan 9, 18 by Jorian Goes

Out-of-State Registration

The Census Bureau reported that as of 2016 California has a population of 39.25 million residents.

Los Angeles comes in number one as the state’s most crowded city and our nation’s second biggest after New York. The opportunity and lifestyle California portrays attracts millions of people from other parts of the county looking to strike it big. It’s no wonder that California’s state revenue is over $112 billion annually. With so much attraction accountability has become an issue in the Golden State when it comes to out of state vehicles. Most love coming to California but loath the high cost of living and fee’s that go with making the big move. Knowing the laws and what is expected of you as a resident is key to reducing the amount of abuse in the system.

New Start

California Highway Patrol are soliciting the help of its fellow citizens to assist them with reporting residents that are living in California and driving with an out-of-state license plate. These motorists continue to operate their vehicles in the state but have yet to register their vehicles in California. The California Highway Patrol states, the unlawfully registering of vehicles hits them hard, costing California millions of dollars a year. California Highway Patrol is outraged at the amount of revenue they could be earning. The website, Cheaters: Out of State Registration Violators states that most newcomers are unware of California laws or are evading the costs associated with registration fees.

Things to Know

A person planning to move to California from out-of-state has 10 days after residency is established to apply for a California driver license. In addition to applying for a license, a person has 20 days to register his or her vehicle. DMV’s are not the most desirable places to be on anyone’s day; however, it is important that a person prepare for their trip to DMV. A newcomer utilizes their time wisely by knowing what paperwork, forms, and documentation is required and bringing that with them to the appointment.

To register a vehicle from out-of-state, The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides a checklist for a smoother process:

  • Have Form REG 343 Application for Title or Registration completed.
  • An out-of-state Certificate of Title to show change of ownership.
  • In the event that the Certificate of Title is not available, and out-of-state registration certificate is required.
  • Schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle and form REG 31 to a local DMV in your area for verification of the car’s vehicle identification number. Please note an authorized DMV employee must authenticate all vehicle verification.
  • Any commercial vehicle, not excluding pickups, may possibly require a weight certificate.
  • A smog check maybe needed
  • All fees are due at the time of registration. An exact amount of fees will be provided for you when you submit an application. However, if a driver would like an estimate so that they can anticipate costs, the DMV does have an online vehicle registration fee calculator.

Time, who has it?

The DMV recommends making an appointment prior to attempting a visit to a DMV field office. Many of the DMV needs such as registration or renewal can be accomplished online. If it can be handled online, a person should not consider making an appointment to a DMV field office. Do not allow the hassle or frustration of numerous trip to the DMV stop you from completing an out-of-state vehicle registration.

Get it right the first time, save time, and go online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.dmv.ca.gov to get online forms, brochures, handbooks, or make an appointment. Calculating registration fees online also prepares a driver for financial needs ahead. A driver also has the option to contact the toll free number 1-800-777-0133 for an automated service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen to general information, renew vehicle registration, make an appointment, or verify and update vehicle registration information.

Contrary to popular belief, the DMV is on our side. The California DMV recognizes that the quality of life for California residents provides independence and access. The DMV prides itself in frequently updating their website and keeping drivers informed. A motorist is never in the dark about crucial issues that directly affects their driving status. A person can also expect to be treated with the upmost respect and courtesy while registering a new vehicle.