Radar Calibration Records, And Other Ways to Beat Your California Traffic Ticket

Apr 11, 16 by Jorian Goes

Radar Calibration Records, And Other Ways to Beat Your California Traffic Ticket

First Contact

It all starts when you see the cop on the side of the road and you notice he’s only got eyes for you. It’s a frustrating experience, especially considering there may have been clear roads with perfect visibility ahead.

However, do you even know how fast you were going at the time? Did he clock you going at 75 when you could have sworn your hadn’t inched past 70? It’s possible that his detector is off, in which case, you might be able to beat a traffic ticket in California.

Radar Calibration

His gun is likely either lidar or radar. Radar works by using radio waves to detect speed, but it picks up everything within it’s con-shaped path. A cop needs to have a good amount of practice to be able to hone in on your intended vehicle. Because of this, it’s possible your cop never even read your car’s speedometer.

“Lidar works by measuring your distance traveled in a short amount of time, and thus is generally considered more accurate.”

Both of these devices need to be calibrated on a regular basis, and it shouldn’t surprise you that cops may not keep up on the schedule of continually checking its settings and testing. There are also a number of other factors to consider. For example, for a stationary radar detector to be accurate, it needs to be held at the proper angle for it get the reading. Guns may have ghosting , scanning, batching and shadowing errors, which essentially just mean that they’ve managed to misread your speed in a variety of ways.

Making the Choice

There are a lot of things you can do to get out of traffic ticket, like pleading to a judge or writing letters to the cop. However, the bottom line is that it will take you a lot of work, and you may not even beat a traffic ticket in California on your own. Regardless of what type of ticket you received (running a stop sign, parking, etc), you can use Ticket Snipers who know all the ways to fight your ticket, and have practiced them for years.

They ask the questions, have the relationships and, most importantly, have the persistency to get your traffic ticket either dismissed or significantly downgraded. They can make arguments for your case that you may have never even considered. Traffic tickets can mean a rise in your insurance rates, and it puts your license in jeopardy too. If you live in an area of California that gives out tickets like free samples, then you especially need to find a legal defense that can ensure your continued driver’s rights.

Even Governor Jerry Brown issued an amnesty program to those who had unpaid traffic tickets due to the massive amount of old, unpaid tickets across the state. Traffic tickets are too often used as fund-raising opportunities for towns and cities, and you don’t have to be a part of that.