Recommendations For Sitting In Traffic To Pass The Time and Reduce Road Rage

Oct 22, 18 by Ticket Snipers

Recommendations For Sitting In Traffic To Pass The Time and Reduce Road Rage

Top 10 Suggestions For Reducing Road Rage

You’re cruising to work as you listen to your favorite morning show, and then all of a sudden, you are not cruising anymore. Bumper-to-bumper traffic can be mind-numbingly boring. You may also feel helpless amidst all the confusion. It is a bit more bearable when you have someone with you on the car to chat with. No matter how much you grumble, there isn’t much that you can do about the traffic jam other than just wait. Nonetheless, there are a few tips that can make your time in a traffic jam a little less loathsome. They include:

1. Audiobooks and Podcasts

Traffic jams are not always a waste of your time if you prepare for them beforehand. Audiobooks and podcasts are great ways of getting new knowledge and keeping your mind stimulated as you drive. The additional attentiveness will keep your body alert throughout the entire journey. Before you board your vehicle, make sure that you have downloaded an audiobook or podcast that interests you. Plug it in into your vehicle’s multimedia system and then listen and learn as you sit in the gridlock. In case you want a challenge, you can start learning a new language with the use of an audiobook. Practice loud in the vehicle, it won’t sound as strange, especially if you are alone in the vehicle.

2. Breathe and Stretch

Sitting in a traffic jam for an extended period of time will stiffen your back. In case you drive a manual car, your left knee will be strained from the stop-start movement. To remain sane, you will have to keep your blood flowing. To do this, pull up your handbrake, and do several stretches for your back, neck, shoulders, and so on. While you are at it, you can include some breathing exercises. These stretches and exercises might not seem like much, nevertheless doing these will get oxygen and blood flowing to all the right places in your body, and keep you refreshed and relaxed. Additionally, you will not feel as tired as you would have when you reach your destination.

You can try these stretches and exercises even when you are carrying passengers on your vehicle. Regardless of what you do while in a traffic jam, ensure that you stay hydrated and keep your eyes on the road.

3. Meditation and Reflection

When you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can’t really move. However, you can use this time to meditate and reflect on your life. This is a chance for you to think of the things that you may have not prioritized, your goals and tasks for the present, lessons that you have learned from the past, and those things that you hope to achieve in the near future. To keep it simple, you can just make a mental list of the things that you are grateful for so far.

4. Memorize a Song

Even if we fail to admit it, everyone once in a while partakes in some form of in-car karaoke. It is an exciting feeling when you can nail down every single line of a song. However, this particular challenge will test both your lyrical and memory skills. You can try a slow RnB classic or a country song and move to other genres. You can also try and rap one of Eminem’s fastest hit. Memorizing a song that is both difficult and unfamiliar will provide you with a challenge that will force you to keep pressing the repeat button until you get it right.

5. Communicate with Other Drivers

If you cannot figure out exactly the source of the traffic jam, just roll down the windows and find out what other drivers are saying. You can bet that the drivers will be talking about the road construction, spill or the accident in the distance that is the cause of all the traffic jam.

6. Do Not Exit Your Vehicle

It is never a good idea to stand in the middle of the road, even when there is a traffic jam. You never know when the vehicles will start moving, and you don’t want to find yourself dodging speeding vehicles. Additionally, leaving your car unattended may attract several dishonest persons.

7. Turn Down The Bass In Your Car

Aggressive music can make you aggressive, and this is not a good thing in a traffic jam. You can listen to relaxing music or even a comedy program on satellite radio. You can also try and tune in to jazz or classical music to reduce stress.

8. Inform Your Family or Boss That You Will Be Late

This is very important for school and work-related obligations. As soon as you find yourself in a traffic jam, use your hands free mobile device to inform whoever is expecting you that you will be arriving late.

9. Have a Snack

Slowly sip that soda or savor that granola bar that you were planning to take during your lunch break. It will keep your spirits and energy up.

10. Number Plate Games

For some fun during the rush hour, you can try different number plate games. For instance, see how long it will take for you to form the alphabet in order while using the letters that you see on the different number plates in front of you. You can also come up with acronyms from the different combinations of the letters. These games might look childish, but they are good for a laugh or two if you give them a chance. Additionally, this is a perfect way for you to work on your situational awareness while you are stuck in traffic. Just do not get carried away with plate hunting, stay focused on the road, especially when traffic starts moving.