Take the Impaired Free Driving Pledge this Summer

Jun 23, 17

Take the Impaired Free Driving Pledge this Summer

Take the Impaired Free Driving Pledge this Summer

The National Safety Council has reserved June as National Safety Month! The NSC promotes safety at work, at home, and on the road. While safety at home and work are very important, the Ticket Snipers team is most concerned about keeping you safe on the road so that you can get home or to work accident-free. So let’s talk road safety!

Here’s a hard fact: In 2015, over 38,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes. The National Safety Council’s annual report states that impaired driving causes the most fatalities on the road. Impaired driving includes alcohol, speeding and distracted driving.

We take impaired driving seriously. It is not only dangerous to you, but to your fellow drivers on the road as well. The 38,000 people that died on the road in 2015 includes passengers, and other drivers that became victim to an accident.

We want you and your loved ones to remain safe while enjoying our California highways. So if you agree with us that impaired driving can kill, then join us in taking a pledge to drive impaired free this summer! From June to end of September, we will be encouraging Californian drivers to drive sober, focused, and at or under the speed limit!

Can you commit to safe driving this summer? Take our pledge and join us on keeping all California roads safe!

I pledge to zero tolerance driving. I will not get behind the steering wheel unless I am 100% sober. If I am not 100% sober, I will call for an Uber or Lyft, or get a ride with a reliable person.

I pledge to keep my eyes on the road and off my phone. Texts and Snaps are not worth risking my life. If I must contact someone while I am driving, I will call them using my hands free device only.

I pledge to drive at or under the speed limit. There is no need to rush, I will still get to my destination. I will relax and enjoy my drive safely.

Sign the Impaired Free Driving Pledge RIGHT NOW:

We will be coming out with Impaired Free Driving social promotions soon. Join our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to be part of the movement. We are human and we sometimes slip on our commitments. If you get pulled over this summer, let us do the talking for you.

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