The Facts on California Red Light Tickets

Aug 17, 16 by Ticket Snipers

The Facts on California Red Light Tickets

Nothing is more gut-wrenching than cruising down the street and noticing a quick flash as you zoom through an intersection. A red light camera. We’re all human, we all make mistakes. However, sometimes even a red light camera makes a mistake.

Whether you were at fault or you have fallen victim to a red light camera gone rogue, here is everything you need to know about California’s red light cameras and some of the best ways to beat a traffic ticket in California.

1. The organization who issued the ticket matters

In L.A. County, if you got a red light ticket from any organization that doesn’t require you to answer to the L.A. County Superior Court, then you can likely ignore it. This means if it comes from an odd sounding organization, or the park police, it likely isn’t something that will uphold in court.

2. The consequences may not be as bad as they seem

While you will be flagged at the courthouse in which jurisdiction you received the ticket, and you will be asked to pay the fine associated with the ticket, it won’t hurt your driving record. This means that while other charges may show up as a failure to appear with the DMV, anything red light ticket related will not. If you’re unlucky to have to appear in the same court in which your red light ticket is flagged at, you may run into some issues.

3. They may not be enforced

Some counties, such as LA county, are actually not enforcing tickets that have been mailed out. In response to this, many attorneys are advising their clients to simply throw out the ticket and act as if it never existed. The reason? Not only will it not show up on your DMV record, as stated above, but it also will not appear on your credit report.

4. Courts need confirmation

If you don’t show up to court to put in a plea for your red light ticket, it’s difficult for anyone to prove that the person in the vehicle photographed actually was you. This is a good, easy way to beat a traffic ticket in California.

5. It differs from county to county

What may hold true in L.A. County might not hold true in, say, Orange county. Failing to comply with ticket instructions and payments after you receive a red light ticket may go against your driving record, on your credit report, and more depending on the county you live in. It is always advisable to talk with an attorney before you decide to toss out your red light ticket.

Have you been photographed running a red light? Or were you victim to a faulty camera? Call Ticket Snipers to get all of the information you need to know and effectively beat your traffic ticket in California.