Traffic Tickets - Your Behavior Really Matters

Sep 12, 16 by Jorian Goes

Traffic Tickets - Your Behavior Really Matters

Ticket Snipers specializes in helping drivers in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas get their traffic tickets dismissed. We understand the sinking dread as you hear the sirens and see flashing lights in the mirror. You blew through a stop sign or a red light and it happened in front of a police officer. How you behave during a traffic stop can really affect the outcome, so it’s important to think clearly and do everything you can to have a chance to get your ticket dismissed.

The first thing is to consider your frame of mind. It is an officer’s job to enforce laws, so stay calm and respectful. Pull over as soon as it is safe to do so, turn your ignition off, roll down both front windows, and turn on the dome light if it is at night. If you’re a smoker, immediately put out your cigarette and do not smoke for the duration of the stop.

Always have your license and registration easily at hand to avoid fumbling for them. A police officer does not know you, and therefore has to be cautious about what you could be reaching for. By having your information ready and your hands in clear view, it can ease the officer’s mind.

Be friendly and cooperative with the officer, but don’t get nervous and start blabbing - giving more information than necessary. Keep it simple - apologize for your mistake, and truly be sincere about it. Don’t get too dramatic and put on a show. Just maintain composure, and refer to them as “officer”. Here’s a great article from CNN on “advice for traffic stops” which was actually written in response to a this video made by country singer Coffey Anderson. In the end, you may still get a ticket, but your chances of beating that ticket improves when you are mindful of your behavior. At Ticket Snipers, we want to give the drivers of Los Angeles the best chance to beat a ticket.