Types of Pedestrian Traffic Tickets in California

Jun 18, 18 by Jorian Goes

Types of Pedestrian Traffic Tickets in California

California is one of the top 10 worst states for pedestrian violations. Generally, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable whenever car accidents happen as they lack the protection and safety of the automobile walls that project the drivers. The safety of a pedestrian is the responsibility of both the motorist and the pedestrian.

There are however some laws in California that protect the pedestrians from injuries and accidents resulting from automobile collisions. Most California Traffic ticket for pedestrians are cited at crosswalks and traffic lights. Let’s take a look at how this happens.


California law has several regulations that govern how pedestrians can use crosswalks in the state. The state is generally required to mark and maintain crosswalks at roadway intersections and other appropriate points when there is potential danger to pedestrians trying to cross the roadway.

There are also laws that govern the behavior of pedestrians in crosswalks. The California CVC code section 21955 states that pedestrians cannot cross the road at any area except at areas between adjacent intersections that are controlled by police officers or traffic control devices. Pedestrians are advised to use crosswalks when available at all times. In essence, as a pedestrian, you should not cross the roadway outside the crosswalk. Additionally, pedestrians are not allowed to cross at the crosswalk when the pedestrian sign has signaled to stop.

Whenever crosswalks are available, it’s important for a pedestrian to use them to reduce the risk of accidents and avoid receiving a traffic ticket. Pedestrians should also not stand in the roadway, except at a crosswalk or safety zone, but should at all times avoid delaying traffic.

While crossing at crosswalks, a pedestrian is required to keep right on the crosswalk whenever possible. When pedestrians cross the road where there is no pedestrian scramble system or crosswalk, they are required to cross at right angles to the curb. California allows those who are crippled or visually impaired to use a guide cane with a stop sign. Vehicles are required to stop for a pedestrian using such a cane at crosswalks.

Jaywalking and related laws

Like in many other states, Jaywalking is prohibited in California. If you’re crossing a street where there is no designated crosswalk, you must yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic. However, drivers are also required to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian who is crossing at intersections or already in a crosswalk to ensure pedestrian’s safety.

A pedestrian is also expected to use due care and must not delay traffic unnecessarily or dart out in front of traffic while using the crosswalk. Jaywalking laws in California generally require that a pedestrian obeys traffic control signals at all times unless otherwise instructed by traffic law enforcement. For instance, crossing the street at an intersection when the Don’t Walk sign is flashing amounts to violation of jaywalking laws and may attract a pedestrian Red light ticket.

California Jaywalking laws also outline how a pedestrian may cross the street legally when there’re no traffic signals. You’re also forbidden to walk in the street when there is a sidewalk. Disregarding barricades or signs put to guide pedestrians can also attract a jaywalking ticket.

In the event that your act of jaywalking endangers other road users, you may be charged with extra offenses like reckless endangerment. If you disrupt others in the event, you may also face disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct charges.

The Cost of Traffic Ticket for CVC 21955

The cost of a “jaywalking” traffic ticket is up to $179. This penalty however increases with each offense repetition depending on the location of the offense, and it can go up to $370 on the third infraction. You could possibly plead guilty and pay the penalty. However, this might have some consequences on your automobile insurance and your driving record. In essence, a California Traffic ticket for pedestrians can end up being more costly in the long run.

What to do when you receive a California pedestrian traffic ticket

You don’t have to plead guilty to the pedestrian traffic charge and taint your record with that one point. As already mentioned, California traffic ticket can be quite costly in the long run. But, you can challenge the �jaywalking ticket or red light photo ticket in court. All you need in a good California Traffic Ticket Attorney that may help you win the case, avoid paying the fine and keep your driving record squeaky clean.