Where’s My Courtesy Notice?

Jul 17, 19 by Jorian Goes

Where’s My Courtesy Notice?

California Courtesy Notice

A traffic stop can be an understandably tense situation, and the individuals who are stopped naturally have questions. What are my options? Do I have to go to court? How much is this going to cost? To diffuse these situations, officers will often deflect by stating that the answers to all of their questions can be found on a notice they will receive by mail in a few weeks.

This notice, called a Courtesy Notice or Reminder Notice, will tell you the precise fine amount for your ticket, but for most citations that is about all of the new information this document will provide. Most of the other details - what the officer has alleged, when you have to respond by and what options you have - are on the citation itself.

While the fine is usually what people are most curious about when they receive a citation, there are minimum fine amounts associated with each vehicle code. You can check out our handy guide right on our website. And contrary to popular belief, you have to respond to your ticket by the date listed at the bottom right below your signature. The court is not required to ensure you receive an additional notice.

We understand that you have questions about your citation and that the officer might provide as much insight as you would prefer. Don’t wait for the notice! Our team is here to assist with any questions you may have. That’s why we’re the experts.

How Long Does it Take?

Traditionally a courtsey notice takes 4-6 weeks to be generated and sent out to the driver. If there is a delay in the officer filing the violation or the court is backed up this time-frame can be elongated.

Is the Court Required to send out a Courtesy Notice?

By law, the court is not required to send out a courtesy notice. This notice is technically sent out of “courtesy” hence the name, these notices are standard procedure for all California courthouse by sometimes a mistake is made and notice is not sent out. It’s always best to call the court to verify the officer has been filed by the officer and the Court is knowledgeable about the situation.