Window Tint, How Dark Can I Go in California?

Mar 28, 18 by Jorian Goes

Window Tint, How Dark Can I Go in California?

Window Tint, How Dark Can I Go?

The main reason as to why most cars are tinted is due to security purposes. However, some of the added benefits of tinting your car are: it increases comfort in your car, saves energy, increases privacy, protects you from the harmful UV rays, it is also of aesthetic value and will increase your safety.

Car owners may prefer to tint their cars for several reasons, but when installing the tint, they should consider the following reasons when choosing the type of tint that they want.

Better Driving

It can be deadly and annoying for a driver who is driving when the sun is directly on the face.

Window tint protects the eyes of the driver and also protects them from glare that may be caused by extreme light.

Increased Privacy

This is the most common reason for window tint. The tint will prevent the visible light from penetrating into the car which will make it difficult for the prying eyes to see the interior of the vehicle. Normally, car burglars will be motivated to steal especially if they can see the valuables that are inside the car.

Provides A Comfortable And A Cooler Interior

Window tint can provide a cooler interior by reducing the amount of heat getting into your car. The normal glass windows can filter up to 30% of solar heat but a properly installed window tint can filter 80% of solar heat.

When the heat is reduced, you will be able to enjoy the cool and comfortable interior even during the hot summer period. The tint will also help you to save fuel expenses because using air conditioning will not be necessary.

A cooler interior will also help in preserving the car’s interior. The continuous exposure to solar leads to fading of the car’s interior upholstery and it also causes cracks in the leather seats. \


In case of an accident, the tinted window will protect the glass from crushing. The tint film acts as a laminate and when there is an accident, the film will hold the glass together. The tint will prevent the window from shattering if there is a window breakage because it will hold the glass firmly. If the windows of the car are not tinted, the glass can crash and the glass pieces can easily cause harm to the occupants and pedestrians.

Staying Healthy

Excessive exposure to the dangerous UV rays will lead to a myriad of health conditions like damage to the skin, sunburns and can interfere with the immune system of a human body. The harmful UV rays may also result in some diseases while at the same time accelerate ageing. Over an extended period of time, the exposure to the harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer. Using a quality tint film on your car can help in reducing the exposure to these UV rays.

Different states in the United States of America have different laws when it comes to window tints. However, in most states, the back door windows are darker than the two front door windows. For safety reasons, the front door windows have to be lighter. The driver will need to have sufficient visibility when they are using the side mirrors. The visibility also helps the police to see the driver in case of a pull over. The front door windows are required to be lighter and they should at least have a 70% light transmittance.

The window tint films come in different percentages. The different film percentages will allow different amounts of light to pass through them. The darkest films have the lowest percentages of light transmission. Different car enthusiasts, car owners and drivers have different opinions and choices when it comes to tinting the windows of their vehicles. However, when installing the dark tint films, you should make sure that you do it in accordance with the state laws.

In California, you do not want to be pulled over or accidentally break the law because your installed the wrong type of window tint on your car. There are different tinting products and also decorative tint products that you can use if you are a car owner. Before any of these products are installed on your car’s windows, you should ensure that they are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state that you reside in.

In California, the front side windows should have a light transmission of not more than 70 percent. The front windows are only allowed to be slightly tinted. Only the top four inches of the windshield can be tinted and the tint should be non-reflective. The rear window and the back side windows can be tinted with a darker tint film as a person desires. Due to safety measures, however, the tint darkness should not be very dark.

There is also the reflective window tinting. This type of tint does not only make your car appear cool but also protects it from the UV rays. Your car’s windows should not be reflective than the standard glass in the state of California. You, therefore, have to restrain yourself from doing mirror finishes if you are in California unless you want to get in trouble. The degree of reflectiveness in the normal window car is capable of protecting you from UV rays, and from plenty of heat and light.

In California, red, blue or amber tint films are not allowed in your car. The other tint colours can be used since they are legally accepted.

Does Tinting Affect Visibility?

Yes. Tinting the rear window affects the rear visibility of the driver especially for the drivers that have chosen a very dark tint. In California therefore, the law will require you to have dual side mirrors in case you have tinted your rear windows. This will help in increasing the range of visibility to make up for the visibility that has been lost as a result of your tinted rear windows.

The regulations about window tinting apply to all car owners in California regardless of their medical conditions.