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Alameda County Traffic Tickets

Alameda County is California’s 7th largest county with a population exceeding 1.5 million. It encompasses most of the East Bay region and is dotted with numerous interstate and state highways. Like many urban areas, you are vulnerable to traffic tickets from red light cameras, unsafe lane changes, speeding and DUIs.

How Do You Successfully Challenge a Traffic Ticket?

Not every ticket issued is based on solid evidence. Also, if you have had another ticket recently, you are ineligible for traffic school. And if you want to challenge the ticket in court, is your sole strategy hoping the officer fails to appear?

Your best strategy in challenging any traffic violation is to hire a traffic ticket expert. This is your best opportunity to get your ticket dismissed resulting in points added to your record and have no effect on your insurance. Too many points results in suspension of your license.

Differences between Infractions and Misdemeanors

Traffic infractions do result in points unless they are successfully contested. The least you can be penalized is a fine of $250 and a point on your driving record. These include speeding, red light camera violations and other non-misdemeanor moving violations.

Misdemeanors, however, can result in jail time up to one year and/or a fine not to exceed $1000. Of course, you can pay far more than that in court costs and assessments, license reinstatement fees and mandatory participation in court-approved classes not to mention the increase in your insurance premiums. If convicted of some of these, you risk loss of your driver’s license.

Typical traffic violations that Ticket Snipers handles:

  • Speeding
  • Red Light Camera
  • Turn Violations
  • Lane Vioaltions
  • Carpool Lane 
  • Violations
  • Driving without proof of insurance
  • Any non-misdemeanor violation issued in California

Any of these can result in fines and costs that may far exceed $1,000. But what if you could contest your ticket at a reasonable cost and with a better than average chance of succeeding?

Experienced Traffic Ticket Experts at Reasonable Cost

Our traffic ticket experts deal with the Court weekly and handle hundreds of tickets each month. Because of our experience and knowledge of the traffic laws and the evidence and proof needed to convict you, our attorneys enjoy phenomenal success in a majority of our cases in achieving satisfactory results for our clients. Also, you save money by hiring us.

We start with a Trial by Declaration where one of our legal experts prepares an explanation of why your ticket should not have been issued and if applicable, will attach documentary evidence in defense. Our experts have had substantial success at this early stage, having tickets dismissed with no fine, points or other penalties assessed. Best of all, no court appearance is required.

If we do not prevail, we will take your ticket to court before a judge and argue the case for you. Many of these are negotiated down so that any fine is a fraction of what you would have paid and you keep your license. Call today and see how we can help.