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Butte County Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can be more than just a nuisance. If you get too many, you can lose your license, your car and your freedom in some cases, not to mention the thousands of dollars in court costs, fines and insurance. Even a single red light violation could cost you at least $500.

Butte County has little by way of municipal transportation so driving is the only option for most people. As a result, expect a traffic ticket from time to time because a CHP or local officer felt you were driving too fast, went through a red light or were driving too carelessly.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket Alone is Dangerous

You can fight a traffic ticket but most people contest it by simply hoping the ticketing officer fails to appear in court so the case can be dismissed. Otherwise, they offer a weak argument that the court invariably rejects.

You can, however, prepare a Trial by Declaration. The benefit of this is you need not appear in court. Use our years of experience and knowledge in preparing a statement about why the ticket should not have been issued along with supporting documents or photographs that can we help obtain for you. Our success rate in getting tickets dismissed or fines substantially reduced this way is considerable.

And even if you lose, we can request an entirely new trial with a judge.

Traffic Ticket Experts Make a Difference

Why not consider one of our traffic ticket experts! Our fees are affordable and you will have someone with experience, the knowledge of the law and who knows how to exploit the carelessness of police and their failure to follow procedures.

Our experts can help assist in handling simple infractions, which only result in a fine. If you need your car but have multiple violations, another moving violation could mean suspension of your license, impoundment of your car and thousands of dollars lost.

Common traffic infractions that we handle include:

  • Seat belt violations  
  • Cell phone violations
  • Speeding  
  • Illegal U-turn 
  • Failure to obey a traffic sign 
  • Red light violations

These include:

  • Turn signal
  • Following too close
  • HOV violations
  • Lane violations 
  • Headset or earphone violations

These are just some of the many traffic tickets we handle. We also prepare a Trial by Declaration where we draft an explanation of why the ticket was issued unfairly and support our arguments with photos and other documents. We win a high percentage of cases this way, but if you do lose, we can request a court trial.