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Calaveras County Traffic Ticket Experts

Getting a traffic ticket in Calaveras County can ruin a perfectly beautiful day in a land ripe with nature’s beauty. If it has happened to you, don’t pay that traffic ticket until you talk to a traffic ticket professinal. Why pay a fine and exorbitant assessment fees, go to traffic school or get points on your license and a hike in your car insurance premium if you don’t have to?

Our traffic ticket experts have helped thousands of people successfully dispute traffic tickets just like yours. Since 2008, the unique procedures our traffic ticket experts have beat more than 10,000 traffic tickets throughout the State of California, including Calaveras County. Because fighting traffic tickets is all they do, they have the inside track on exactly what needs to be done in order to get the Court to dismiss your traffic ticket.

You have a few options when you get a traffic ticket in Calaveras County. You can go ahead and pay the fine and the additional assessments, which can turn a $25 fine into a payment of nearly $300 or more. You can try to fight the ticket yourself by filing for a Court Trial or a Court Trial by Written Declaration. But unless you know exactly what you’re doing, the odds are highly stacked against you winning, and you’ll end up paying all that money anyway, in addition to losing time from work to go to Court. In some circumstances, you may be eligible to attend traffic school and dodge the ticket being reported to DMV, but you still have to pay the fine, assessments, and an additional fee from the traffic school.

Calaveras County Traffic Tickets can be Beat

There’s no reason to do any of that when one of our traffic ticket experts can dispute the ticket for you for a flat rate that’s less than the amount of most tickets. You don’t have to go to Court. You don’t have to go to traffic school. You don’t have to pay outrageous fees. Your license won’t earn any points, and your insurance rate won’t be affected.

Our experts know how to fight speeding tickets, distracted driving tickets, failure to yield tickets, stop sign tickets, and even red light camera tickets. Just about any traffic ticket issued in the State of California can be beaten if you have the know-how. Our traffic ticket experts will fight to have your Calaveras County traffic ticket dismissed and if they are not successful, you’ll get your money back. If they don’t win, you don’t lose.