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Colusa County Traffic Ticket Experts

Colusa County may be small with a population of just over 21,000, but residents and those just passing through on the interstate or state highways still get their share of traffic tickets, a significant source of revenue for many counties.

But you don’t have to lie down and concede the ticket. Instead, retain the traffic ticket lawyers for Colusa County to fight your ticket.

  • Stop from Paying Fines  
  • Stop from Having Points on your Driving Record    
  • Stop from Losing Your License  
  • Stop from Going to Jail

Yes, you can go to jail for traffic tickets, depending on the ticket and if you are a multiple offender or caused an injury accident or fatality. Get too many points on your license and the DMV will suspend your driving privileges. You could also be classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender where another traffic ticket can lead to permanent loss of license, jail and other enhanced penalties.

We Can Help You Beat any Traffic Ticket

Did the patrol officer unfairly ticket you? We can help because of the vast experience our traffic ticket lawyers have in defending drivers who were issued traffic tickets or citations. A highly successful method we use is Trial by Declaration where no court appearance is required. We will draft a statement and submit any applicable documents to show the court why your ticket should be dismissed. We win many cases this way but if we do not, we can request a court trial.

Our lawyers know the law and the procedures that the DMV and police officers must follow. In many cases, police merely assume you violated a traffic law or they failed to maintain a speed gun or other device relied on as proof of your alleged guilt.

Traffic Ticket Infractions

Infractions are fines only and do not appear on your criminal record but moving violations do result in points. Examples of infraction tickets we handle include:

  • Seat belt  
  • Child safety seat  
  • Equipment violations 
  •  Speeding  
  • Unsafe lane change  
  • Unlawful U-turn  
  • Traffic sign violations

Traffic Ticket Misdemeanors

Misdemeanor tickets are more serious. Get too many, or a DUI, and you face possible jail time and substantial fines and loss of license. We have been successful in the following types of cases in either having these following tickets dismissed or our clients found not guilty:

  • DUI  BAC of 0.08%  
  • Speeding over a certain mph 
  •  Driving on a suspended license  
  • Reckless driving  
  • Leaving the scene of an accident 
  •  Driving with no insurance 
  •  Red light violation  
  • Failure to appear or pay a fine  
  • Many others  
  • Our Rates are Affordable For Anyone

Our rates are affordable for just about everyone because we are fast, efficient and have years of practice. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by retaining our services to give you the best opportunity to get your ticket dismissed, be found not guilty verdict, substantially reduce your fine and save your license.