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San Francisco County Traffic Tickets

San Francisco is often referred to as the most European of American cities, the Barbary Coast or the essence of the Left Coast. It is the home of high tech industries, million dollar panoramas, unaffordable housing and traffic snarls that rival any other major metropolitan area. Its streets can be mountainous, narrow and confusing to even its residents, providing easy targets for city police to stop and ticket you for a variety of traffic offenses.

Traffic fines can be huge for any violation within the county limits. Should you be issued a traffic ticket or citation that you feel was unfair or have to contest a traffic ticket because you face loss of your driver’s license or even jail, then Traffic Ticket Lawyers can help.

Traffic Defense at Affordable Rates

While the cost of nearly everything in San Francisco is exorbitant, our Traffic Ticket experts charge fees that are eminently affordable. In many cases, our fees are less than the cost of the ticket fine, making it cost effective to hire us. We also achieve exceptional results for our clients in getting tickets dismissed or offenses plea bargained so that our clients pay little in fines, avoid jail, have no points assessed and keep their license.

Our experts are local and deal with the court almost daily. Prosecutors are under pressure to move cases and try only the more serious ones. One of our highly experienced experts can help present any number of defenses specifically for your case that more often than not persuades the prosecutor to offer a satisfactory resolution of your case.

Get Expert Assistance

A tool that has had effective results for our clients is Trial by Declaration. We draft a professional looking statement, supported by photographic and other documentary evidence, which has convinced many traffic court judges to dismiss our clients’ tickets. Should we not get your ticket dismissed, we will try your case in court where many cases are plea bargained to acceptable results. If not, we will defend you by cross-examining prosecution witnesses, present challenges to an officer’s observations and conclusions or effectively show that protocol or proper operation of a red light camera, breath or blood test or speed monitor was flawed.

The types of infractions we defend include:

  • Speeding tickets  
  • Red light camera tickets  
  • U-turn violations  
  • Speeding  
  • Stop sign violation
  •  Illegal driving in the car pool lane  
  • Commercial truck equipment violations including BIT inspection, log book and weight limit citations

Misdemeanor offenses are more serious, carrying heavy fines, loss of license, jail time and enhanced penalties for multiple offenders. Examples include:

  • Failure to appear in court  
  • Failure to pay a previous fine 
  •  Driving under the influence (DUI)  
  • Reckless driving  
  • Speeding over a certain limit  
  • Driving on a suspended license
  •  Leaving the scene of an accident 
  •  DUI  
  • Texting and causing an accident with injuries or fatalities (may also be a felony)  
  • Others

Don’t be discouraged by a traffic ticket when you know that a traffic tickets expert is readily available and affordable to give you the best opportunity for a satisfactory resolution.