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Traffic Ticket Expert Del Norte County

Del Norte County borders Oregon and the Pacific Ocean in the northwestern corner of California. The only incorporated city in Del Norte County is Crescent City. Giant redwoods, unspoiled coastland, historic lighthouses, and clear rivers are part of the county’s natural beauty.

An ACLU investigation recently concluded that “California traffic courts are saddling millions of people with unjust, unpayable fines and fees, and limiting their ability to contest those charges.” According to the ACLU, Del Norte County is one of eight Northern California counties that require drivers to pay those fines in full before they are allowed to contest the charge in court. The ACLU calls that “a clear violation of due process.” The only way to protect your rights when you receive a Del Norte County traffic ticket is to get help from a traffic ticket lawyer.

The last district attorney in Del Norte County was disbarred for violating the rights of the individuals he prosecuted. According to a judge, the DA “did not comprehend his special duty as a prosecutor to promote justice and seek the truth, and not merely to convict.” With courts and prosecutors in Del North County both working against the rights of individuals who are summoned to court, you will need an aggressive defense from a traffic ticket lawyer in order to be treated fairly after receiving a Del Norte County traffic ticket.