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El Dorado County Traffic Tickets

Located in California’s Sierra Nevada region, El Dorado County became famous for the California Gold Rush when gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill. Among the many beautiful lakes in El Dorado County is Lake Tahoe, the sixth largest lake in the United States (after the five Great Lakes) and the largest alpine lake in North America.

The California Highway Patrol has been cracking down on traffic violations around school busses in El Dorado County. The CHP is issuing traffic tickets to drivers who pass busses when their stop signs are extended, as well as drivers who pass busses by crossing double yellow lines. The police are also writing speeding tickets to drivers who allegedly exceed the speed limit near school busses. Drivers who are caught in the crackdown will need traffic ticket lawyers to help them avoid stiff fines and an assessment of points against their drivers’ licenses.

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Judges in El Dorado County can be tough on traffic violators. One El Dorado County judge recently sentenced a driver to five years in prison for a DUI offense. Most traffic violations are punishable by fines and points that lead to license suspensions, but you can expect fines to be steep as El Dorado County raises funds to finance its new courthouse. To avoid an assessment of unfair fines in your case, contact a traffic ticket lawyer who practices in El Dorado County.