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Traffic Ticket Expert Humboldt County

Located two hundred miles north of San Francisco, Humboldt County has more coastline than any other county in California. Visitors enjoy the scenic beauty of forested mountains that are dense with old growth redwoods. California’s second largest natural bay offers a beautiful setting for students who attend Humboldt State University and the College of the Redwoods.

If you plan to drive in Humboldt County, you can check out several traffic cameras on the web to get advance warning of congested driving conditions. Unfortunately, you probably will have no luck using the traffic cameras to spot traffic enforcement officers who lurk on the sides of roads with their radar units as they try to catch speeders. If you get an expensive Humboldt County speeding ticket, you will need help from a traffic ticket lawyer in Humboldt County to help you minimize the consequences.

Humboldt County Traffic Tickets can be Beat

Speed limits near Humboldt County’s elementary schools are about to be reduced to 15 mph. If you are used to driving at a higher speed and do not notice the new signs, you can expect a speeding ticket. Eureka is experiencing a budget crunch and traffic tickets are a traditional way for cash-starved cities to raise new revenues. If you find yourself caught in a wave of speeding ticket enforcement, call a traffic ticket lawyer in Humboldt County for help.