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If you received a traffic ticket in Inyo County, don’t pay it until you read this!

Inyo County may not be densely populated, but that doesn’t mean the police officers there don’t write traffic tickets. In fact, about two weeks after they write you a traffic ticket a notice will be mailed to you. The notice will tell you the amount of the fine, provide information regarding your eligibility to attend traffic school to keep the ticket from being reported to the DMV, and it will even give you instructions regarding how to contest the ticket.

What it won’t tell you, though, is that unless you really know what you’re doing, contesting a traffic ticket yourself is almost always a losing proposition. That doesn’t mean your ticket can’t be contested successfully in Inyo County, though. You just need the right traffic ticket experts fighting for you.

That doesn’t mean you have to hire a high priced traffic ticket lawyer. In fact, most lawyers calling themselves traffic ticket lawyers do things other than contest traffic tickets, so their experience or success rate in these matters may not be clear. Our traffic ticket experts specialize in fighting traffic tickets. That’s the only thing they do, so you can be sure of their expertise.

Inyo County Traffic Tickets can be Expensive

Our experts have been contesting traffic tickets since 2008, resulting in thousands of dismissed traffic tickets. Just about any traffic ticket issued in California can be beaten if contested properly. Speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, seat belt tickets, turn signal tickets, carpool tickets, even red light camera tickets can be successfully contested, and our traffic ticket experts know how to do it.

They fight traffic tickets throughout the State of California, including Inyo County. They are licensed, bonded and accredited by the State of California and are certified by the Better Business Bureau. If the ticket is not dismissed a refund of the service fee is issued. So don’t pay that Inyo County traffic ticket until you contact our traffic ticket experts for a free traffic ticket review. Don't miss out on the opportunity to contest your Inyo County traffic ticket with no court appearance required.