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Lake County takes its name from Clear Lake, the largest naturally formed freshwater lake that is entirely within the State of California. Clear Lake State Park offers camping, boating, swimming, and hiking trails to nature enthusiasts. Lake County is largely agricultural, with an emphasis on the production of grapes, pears, and walnuts.

Small wineries in Lake County are gaining attention as they compete against well-known wine producers in Napa and Sonoma Counties. If you take a wine tasting tour, however, you might want to consider bringing a designated driver with you. Lake County law enforcement officials recently reminded drivers that DUI laws in the county are “strictly enforced with zero tolerance.” If you receive a DUI or other traffic citation in Lake County, you will need a traffic ticket lawyer to help you avoid severe consequences.

Lake County residents who argue in favor of sustainable agriculture complain that Lake County does not enforce its laws against big wineries, allowing the diversion of water and other scarce resources that are desperately needed by other landowners, including smaller grape producers. You can bet that Lake County enforces its traffic laws, at least against drivers who do not own a big winery. Contact a traffic ticket expert if you receive a speeding ticket or any other citation for violating a traffic law in Lake County.