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Lassen County

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Lassen County Traffic Ticket Experts

Lassen County was created in 1864 to settle the two day Sagebrush War. The county primarily consists of small towns. Its only city, Susanville, is also the county seat. Lassen National Forest, the Bizz Johnson Trail, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and the Ash Creek Wilderness Area offer rugged outdoor adventure to true nature lovers.

Traffic cameras in Lassen County, maintained by the California Highway Patrol, help drivers check traffic conditions. They also help the police enforce traffic laws on State Highways 36 and 44 and U.S. 305. If you get a speeding ticket while you are on your way to visit one of the county’s nature areas, you will need the help of a traffic ticket expert to keep from paying harsh fines and to avoid having points assessed against your license.

Lassen County law enforcement authorities make a point of writing tickets for distracted driving violations. Under California law, making a call or texting on your mobile phone counts as distracted driving unless you are using the phone in hands-free mode or parked on the side of the road. California police often mistake innocent uses of mobile phones for distracted driving, leading to unfair tickets. If you receive a distracted driving ticket, you should always ask a traffic ticket expert for help.