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Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Experts

The traffic ticket experts at Ticket Snipers can beat any type of traffic ticket throughout the entire County of Los Angeles. Don't just pay your Los Angeles County traffic ticket, beat the violation with Ticket Snipers!

Benefits of using Ticket Snipers to dismiss your traffic ticket:

  • Saving Money: On average drivers that use Ticket Snipers for the dismissal of their traffic ticket save more that $3100 a year in total costs. More than 85% of the violations we take on are dismissed saving our clients; court fees, insurance increases, traffic school fines, and time off work to appear in court.
  • Driving Record: Once your traffic ticket is dismissed, the violation will not appear on your driving record, meaning NO POINTS, NO FINES AND NO COURT APPEARANCES. Traffic Tickets that are not successfully contested result in a point on your driving record, having too many points on your driving record may result in the suspension of your driving privileges. For more information on the effect of points on your driving privileges please visit our Resources page.
  • Your Time: You will need to spend less than 5 minutes handling your case. Simply sign the defense paperwork and sent it into the court. Every case is handled with immediate attention and full transparency to ensure each customer is completely satisfied. After you submit the violation to our legal group we handle the entire process from beginning to end. Once the violation is dismissed, it will be like your ticket never existed. Eliminating the violation from any background, credit or driving record.
  • Success Rate: As industry leaders our traffic ticket dismissal service has a proven success rate, more than 85% of the violations are completely dismissed. Want to know the probability of a dismissal on your violation? Click here to access the Ticket Dismissal Calculator.
  • Refund: Offering the best Money Back Guarantee in the business, we guarantee your case will be dismissed or your money back! Our proven defense strategies have dismissed over 10,000 violations statewide with an excellent success rate. In the unlikely event the violation is not dismissed we will issue a full refund of our entire service fee immediately.

Save Time since you will NOT have to appear in a Los Angeles County traffic ticket courtroom.

Save Money on insurance hikes and you won't have to pay the Los Angeles County traffic ticket fine.

Save DMV Points from going on your record and prevent driver's license suspension from the Los Angeles County traffic ticket court by allowing our Los Angeles County traffic ticket experts to beat your California traffic ticket.

Los Angeles County Traffic Tickets

Visitors and residents are never at a loss for ways to spend their time in Los Angeles County. Griffith Park, Venice Beach, the La Brea Tar Pits, the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, and the Santa Monica Pier are favorite attractions, as are the luxurious homes and stunning views in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

As the largest county in California, Los Angeles County also has the highest concentration of cars, as well as an intricate maze of highways and freeways. Eight interstate freeways, one U.S. highway, and more than two dozen state highways crisscross the county. Traffic jams are a way of life, as are traffic tickets. Apart from its DUI checkpoints, Los Angeles County traffic enforcement concentrates on speeding, driving with an open intoxicant, driving illegally in a carpool (HOV) lane, and failing to yield. In the city, officers employed by the various LAPD traffic divisions complain that they are demoted if they do not write enough traffic tickets.

The LAPD calls street racing a “growing epidemic” in Los Angeles County. While that is surely an overstatement, a “multi-agency task force” is being created to write more traffic tickets in order to generate more revenue for the county. Drivers who are ticketed for street racing, speeding, and other traffic crimes should consult a traffic ticket lawyer to learn how they might be able to defeat the ticket.