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Marin County Traffic Tickets

Beautiful Marin County attracts well over a million tourists each year to its half of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Pt. Reyes, Muir Woods and its natural seashore. With tourism comes traffic and frustration and, of course, traffic tickets. This is where Traffic Tickets Lawyers comes in.

Our traffic ticket experts are local attorneys who appear regularly in traffic court and have considerable success in getting a variety of ticket or traffic citations dismissed or plea bargained down to avoid points, loss of license, jail time and increased insurance premiums.

Whether your ticket is for an infraction, a red light, equipment violation or a DUI, we offer a vigorous defense on your behalf at legal rates that are affordable on nearly any budget.

Our dedicated traffic ticket lawyers have obtained dismissals, won acquittals or had charges substantially reduced in these types of infractions:

  • Red light camera ticket 
  • Speeding ticket 
  • Failure to stop at stop sign 
  • U-turn violations 
  • Equipment infractions 
  • Carpool Lane 
  • Violations Driving without proof of insurance 
  • Any non-misdemeanor violation issued in California

Misdemeanor violations can result in jail time and multiple points on your driving record. Commercial drivers are especially vulnerable to losing their license or employment. We have successfully resolved the following types of misdemeanor traffic offenses:

  • Driving on a suspended license 
  • Leaving the scene of an accident 
  • DUI (a felony under certain circumstances) 
  • Administrative Per Se hearings (license suspension) 
  • Failure to appear in court 
  • Racing or speed contest 
  • Speeding over a certain limit 
  • Driving the wrong way on a divided highway 
  • Hit and run causing injury, property damage or death (potentially a felony) 
  • Fleeing a police officer (may be charged as a felony in some cases)

Don’t think that you have no chance in these cases. Our attorneys have many years of experience and know what evidence and degree of proof is necessary in these cases before the prosecution can secure a conviction. We also know that an overwhelmed prosecutor is seeking to get cases plea bargained if a reasonable defense is offered.

Trial by Written Declaration

One of our more successful and less costly steps is defending you by Trial by Declaration where no court appearance is necessary. We submit a statement for you outlining the reasons why you should not have been ticketed or why the officer erred in issuing you a citation. Photographs, graphs and other documentary evidence may accompany the statement. If we do not prevail, we are prepared to fully try your case in traffic court.

Our Defenses

We fashion a defense based on the facts and circumstances of your case. We have successfully challenged red light cameras, speed guns, breath and blood tests. Other defenses are lack of probable cause to stop, search or arrest you, failure to follow proper protocol in administering tests or operating devices or in securing a statement from you. There are over 50 possible challenges to breath and blood tests. We can also cast doubt on an officer’s observations or conclusions.

Our fees are also reasonable and are always less than the cost of the ticket fine with a money back guarantee.