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Beautiful coastline, pristine beaches, towering redwoods, and a growing number of wineries are among the many attractions that attract tourists to Mendocino County. Visitors also enjoy riding a steam locomotive called the Skunk Train that connects Fort Bragg to Willits.

Ukiah’s police chief complains that his 32 officers are busy with “gang activity” that keeps them from important duties like crosswalk enforcement and writing speeding citations. He recently asked the City Council for money to buy two new police vehicles, to hire a “designated Traffic Officer,” and to replace a 23-year-old speeding trailer. Since cities like Ukiah rely on traffic ticket revenues to fund such requests, you can expect to need the services of a traffic ticket expert to help you defeat a charge of speeding or failing to yield if you drive through Ukiah.

Mendocino County is one of several counties that the ACLU identified as forcing people to pay a traffic ticket fine before they can ask for their day in court. The county responded that the payment is required as “bail” and is only required if a “not guilty” plea is entered by mail, not if the driver appears in court in person. Why bail should be required in one circumstance but not the other is unclear, as is information posted on the county’s website, which it changed after realizing that the information contradicted its response to the ACLU’s complaint. 

Mendocino County’s confusing policies may be designed to collect traffic ticket fines from people who have not yet been found guilty. The best way to avoid confusion is to hire a traffic ticket expert who can fight the ticket and win!