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While its slogan is “Where the West Still Lives,” not many people live in Modoc County. One of California’s least populated counties, Modoc County borders Nevada and Oregon. Most of the county consists of federal land. The Medicine Lake Highlands and the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge offer spectacular sights to visitors.

An ongoing dispute between the Sheriff and the District Attorney of Modoc County should raise concern for drivers who are stopped there for traffic violations. On more than one occasion, an officer of the Modoc County Sheriff has been accused of using excessive force and violence against drivers. The Sheriff has refused to cooperate with the District Attorney’s investigation of those concerns. If you are issued a speeding ticket in Modoc County or pulled over for any reason, you should be extremely polite. Let a traffic ticket lawyer argue the injustice of the ticket rather than risking harm by complaining to the officer who tickets you.

Modoc County Traffic Tickets

Modoc County was the second California County to join a recent secessionist movement. Thinking that life would be better if they were living in a 51st state, the County Board voted 4-0 (with one abstention) to secede from California. The proposed new State of Jefferson would consist of counties that are now in Northern California and Southern Oregon. While some other counties have voted against secession, the proposal is still alive. Unless secession becomes a reality, drivers who are ticketed for speeding or other traffic violations in Modoc County will need the help of a traffic ticket lawyer to avoid California’s exorbitant fines and surcharges.