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Mono County Traffic Ticket Experts

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a drive through Mono County and enjoying the beauty of California’s Eastern Sierra. There’s nothing that will extinguish that relaxation faster than hearing a siren and seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Getting a traffic ticket in Mono County will ruin your day faster than watching the most awesome trout you ever caught in Topaz Lake flip flop itself right out of your boat and back into the water!

Fortunately, being issued a traffic ticket in Mono County doesn’t have to ruin your day at all as long as you don’t pay it before contacting our traffic ticket experts. Hiring a California traffic ticket lawyer can be costly and ineffective, since contesting traffic tickets is only one of many things they do. Our traffic ticket experts are experts for a reason – fighting traffic tickets is the only thing they do, and no one does it better.

When you get a traffic ticket in Mono County, you can simply pay it off and “make it disappear”. But it doesn’t disappear. It is reported to the DMV, points are issued on your driver’s license which will stay there for years, and your insurance company raises your already expensive premium for an extended length of time. It’s also possible that you could pay the ticket and attend traffic school to keep the ticket from being reported and affecting your license or insurance, but you still end up paying a bunch of money that you don’t have to.

Mono County Traffic Tickets can be Erased

You could try to contest the ticket yourself by requesting a Court Trial or a Trial by Written Declaration, but if you’ve never done so before, the odds are stacked highly against you winning. You could hire a traffic ticket lawyer who could be quite expensive with no guarantee of a favorable outcome.

Or you can put our traffic ticket experts to work for you. Licensed, bonded and accredited by the State of California, they have convinced the courts to dismiss over 10,000 traffic tickets since 2008, using completely legal tactics and a unique process that has earned them a high success rate statewide on all kinds of traffic tickets.

Our team will fight to have your traffic ticket dismissed for less money than it would cost to pay off just about any ticket, keeping your driving record clean and your insurance premium right where it is. You are guaranteed no fines, no points, no traffic school, no court appearance, and in the unlikely event your ticket is not dismissed, you will receive a refund of our service fee. You can’t lose with our traffic ticket experts on your side.