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Napa County Traffic Tickets

Wineries are the big attraction in Napa County as well as fine dining and other entertainment, making Napa a desired vacation spot for people all over the US and the world. Unfortunately, getting a traffic ticket can put a serious damper on your vacation budget or for anyone issued a ticket for an infraction or misdemeanor traffic violation. If you find yourself upset and frustrated over getting a citation, call the traffic ticket experts.

A Vigorous Defense at Affordable Fees

The most frequently asked question we get regards the cost effectiveness of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer. First, our fees are often less than the cost of a traffic ticket, which can be in the hundreds of dollars or more, considering court costs, assessments and the increase in your insurance premiums. For many, they have no choice since a ticket could mean loss of driving privileges, jail time and loss of employment, especially if you are a commercial driver. In California, commercial drivers with a BAC of 0.04% are arrested for DUI and risk suspension of their license and loss of livelihood.

We Take on All Traffic Violations

No traffic offense is too minor or too serious for our traffic ticket experts who have handled thousands of tickets in their careers and secured countless success in getting infractions or misdemeanors dismissed, clients acquitted at trial or charges substantially reduced.

Infractions that we handle and have had dropped include:

  • Equipment violations 
  • Stop sign violations 
  • Commercial vehicle equipment and inspection violations 
  • Red light camera tickets 
  • Unsafe lane change 
  • U-turn violations 
  • Speeding 
  • Red Light Camera 
  • Turn Violations 
  • Carpool Lane 
  • Violations Driving without proof of insurance
  • Any non-misdemeanor violation issued in California

Misdemeanor traffic offenses:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident  
  • Failing to give identifying information to another motorist in an accident  
  • DUI 
  •  Per Se administrative hearings regarding license suspension  
  • Speeding over a certain limit  
  • Racing  
  • Failure to appear in court  
  • Failure to comply with sentencing conditions  
  • Driving without a license  
  • Driving without proof of insurance  
  • Distracted driving leading to serious injury or fatality

Trial by Declaration and Court Trial

We often have tickets dismissed without you ever having to appear in court. A trial by declaration allows us to submit statements and documentary evidence to the court that have resulted in an outright dismissal of our clients’ tickets in many cases. If necessary, we will take your case to court where we can either plea bargain your ticket to a reduced charge, saving you hundreds of dollars or more, or try your case before the court. In any case, our traffic ticket professionals achieve satisfactory results in a majority of our cases.