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Nevada County Traffic Tickets

Located in the “Mother Lode Country” of the Sierra Nevada, California’s Nevada County attracted waves of immigrants during the Gold Rush. Reminding residents and tourists of the county’s glory days are the Nevada Theatre in Nevada City, the oldest theater in California, and the Old 5 Mile House stagecoach stop, which continues to exist as a restaurant and bar.

The police in Nevada County are not exactly overwhelmed by crime. Recent police investigations included a woman “flashing her private parts” in Grass Valley and a husband who tried to assault his wife with a banana. With little serious crime to worry about, police officers in Nevada County keep busy by writing traffic tickets. If you are stopped by the police in one of the county’s sleepy communities, you will need a traffic ticket expert to help you avoid stiff fines and points assessed against your driver’s license.

A long red light at the intersection of Combie Road and Highway 49 in southern Nevada County recently caused a traffic backup that an unfortunate driver tried to avoid by driving in the oncoming lane of traffic. The driver’s careless behavior caused an accident when the driver entered the intersection against the light. Running red lights and lane violations may lead to traffic tickets but they can also lead to fatal accidents. Traffic ticket expert want to remind drivers that they should drive carefully and soberly at all times.