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Placer County Traffic Tickets

Drivers who receive traffic tickets in Placer County at least have the opportunity to visit a beautiful courthouse in the midst of the Old Auburn Historic District. Other sights worth seeing in Placer County include the Squaw Valley Ski Resort (the host site of the 1960 Winter Olympics) and the Auburn State Recreation Area, featuring hiking and biking trails that offer scenic views of rivers, lakes, and canyons.

Traffic congestion is a vexing problem in Placer County, particularly near the intersection of I-80 and Highway 65. You can expect the police to be vigilant about ticketing frustrated drivers who take to the shoulder to pass other cars. Drivers who are stuck in traffic often pass the time by texting or chatting on their cell phones, activities that invite traffic tickets. A traffic ticket lawyer who practices in Placer County can help drivers avoid the hassle of handling tickets themselves.

Drivers who are stopped by the police in Placer County have felt so intimidated that the American Civil Liberties Union is sponsoring classes to help Placer County residents understand their rights when they interact with law enforcement officers. When police rely on intimidation rather than polite adherence to procedure during a traffic stop, the odds are good that they are violating drivers’ rights in ways that a traffic ticket lawyer can exploit to get traffic tickets thrown out of court.