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Plumas County Traffic Ticket Experts

Plumas County gets its name from the Spanish word for “feather,” a tribute to the scenic Feather River that flows through the county’s canyons and mountain valleys. Drivers who follow the river on Highway 70 can enjoy breathtaking views of waterfalls and forested mountainsides.

Drivers who take Highway 70 through Plumas County near Portola need to watch for two things: deer crossing the road and officers writing speeding tickets. The stretch of highway is known for a high rate of road kill. Drivers need to be wary of officers who are trying to reduce the problem by writing speeding tickets to passing motorists. If you have been ticketed, you should talk to a traffic ticket expert who practices in Plumas County to avoid fines and points against your license.

Poor economic conditions and a declining population have caused economic woes in Plumas County, which has operated without a County Administrative Officer for three years in order to save expenses. Counties with tight budgets often resort to traffic ticket fines to raise revenues. One columnist who received two “crushingly expensive speeding tickets” on Highway 70 wrote about “the many dollars going to Plumas County Superior Court.” Rather than helping the county pay its bills with speeding ticket revenues, drivers who receive citations in Plumas County should get help from a traffic ticket expert.