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Sacramento County Traffic Tickets

The home to California’s state government, Sacramento County ranges from the Sacramento River in the west to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the east. The southernmost portion of the county has access to San Francisco Bay. The Locke Historic District, in the San Joaquin River Delta, offers visitors a glimpse of an historic Chinese American rural community.

Sacramento is the state capitol and the home to thousands of government workers. Many state employees have a job benefit that is not highly publicized — the ability to run red lights, avoid payment of tolls, and get a free pass for speeding. Workers with license plates that identify them as participants in California’s Confidential Records Program, as well as family members who drive the employee’s car, have what amounts to a “get out of tickets free” card. Unlucky drivers without the special license plates who are ticketed in Sacramento County must rely on a traffic ticket lawyer to get them out of their tickets.

Unlike some California communities, Sacramento County continues to base traffic tickets on pictures taken by red light cameras. The cameras accounted for 8,000 red light tickets in 2012. Ticketed drivers face a stiff fine that is the equivalent of half an average monthly rent payment in Sacramento. Fortunately, given the problems that have caused other communities to abandon red light cameras, traffic ticket lawyers have great success defeating red light camera tickets.