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San Benito County Traffic Tickets

San Benito County is part of the San Jose-Santa Clara region of south central California. Though it has population of around 60,000 or less and is largely agricultural, traffic tickets carry the same fines, penalties and collateral consequences as that of any major California city. The effect of a ticket may be even calamitous if you are living paycheck to paycheck as many do who live and work in this county.

We fight for You at Rates You Can Afford

Regardless of your economic circumstances, retaining a traffic ticket lawyer does not have to be unaffordable or few of us would do it. Our attorneys are highly experienced, local attorneys who appear in court frequently and handle hundreds of various types of traffic tickets each month. Because of sheer volume coupled with our extremely efficient handling of ticket cases, our fees are often less than the cost of a traffic fine.

Many of our clients have few options but to fight their tickets because of multiple violations that threatens their driving privileges or who face substantial fines or jail time. If you are a Habitual Traffic Offender, you risk losing your driver’s license for years. Commercial drivers often retain us since a misdemeanor, DUI or multiple infractions can result in loss of their license and jobs.

How We Assist You

Our traffic ticket professionals will assess your situation and tailor a defense. Our first step is trial by declaration, a process whereby we submit a written account of the facts and the reasons why the court should dismiss it. If photographic or other documentary evidence is applicable, we provide that as well. We have managed to have numerous tickets dismissed by this method, resulting in no fines, no points assessed and no penalties, without you ever appearing in court.

If we do not prevail, we can still try your case before the traffic court, cross-examine the officer and challenge any procedure or protocol that resulted in your stop and ticket or arrest in some situations. In many cases, the prosecutor will agree to a reduction of charges, so that you spend no time in jail, pay a greatly reduced fine and keep your driver’s license.

Traffic Offenses that We Handle

Our experts handle any type of traffic offense. Here is a list of common traffic violations that our attorneys have managed to have dismissed, charges greatly reduced or fines minimized:

  • Speeding  
  • Red light camera tickets  
  • Illegal U-turn  
  • Stop Sign
  • Wrong way on a divided street  
  • Driving on a suspended license  
  • Unsafe lane change  
  • Administrative Per Se hearing 
  • Driving with no insurance
  •  Any non-misdemeanor violation issued in California

These are just a sampling of the tickets we handle. Call us today if you want a skilled, experienced traffic ticket expert to contest a traffic ticket at rates that you can afford.