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San Diego County has the second-highest population among all California Counties. The coastal county draws tourists to its beaches, amusement parks, aquariums, museums, high-end shopping malls, and historic sites. The county is home to two professional sports teams (the Padres and Chargers) and to several U.S. Naval bases, a Marine Corps Camp, and a Coast Guard Air Station. There are 236 mountain summits and peaks in San Diego County, more than a half dozen lagoons and bays, two dozen lakes, and several rivers, making San Diego County a prime vacation spot for individuals who want to explore the beauty of nature.

Traffic tickets are a popular source of revenue in San Diego County — popular with politicians, not so much with drivers. A speeding ticket with a base fine of $35 may cost a driver at least $235 after adding the cost of state and county penalty assessments, a court operations assessment, a “conviction fee,” and the other surcharges that politicians add to tickets so they can avoid raising taxes. With all those extra costs, not to mention the points that are assessed against a driver’s license, it is no surprise that smart drivers use a traffic ticket expert to help fight their tickets.

Red light cameras caused so many people to receive undeserved tickets that communities like Oceanside have stopped using them. That follows a trend in California to turn off their red light cameras. Communities in San Diego County that continue to use red light cameras include Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, San Marcos, Solana Beach, and Vista. Given the problematic nature of red light camera, drivers should never pay a ticket that originates with a traffic camera without first talking with a traffic ticket expert.